Moghalu4Nigeria Organizes Fish-For-Life Digital Skills Camp for Nigerian Youths

Moghalu4Nigeria Movement, in collabo with Naija Lives Matter and American Internet Business School to Organize 'Fish-For-Life' Digital Skills Empowerment Bootcamp for 1 Million Nigerian Youths

The convener of the Moghalu4Nigeria movement, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, today announced a collaboration between the movement, Naija Lives Matter Organization, and the American Internet Business School, to provide a series of digital skills & self-employment empowerment bootcamps for One Million Nigerian Youths over the next 12 months

Prof. Moghalu, who is a 2023 Presidential Aspirant under the African Democratic Congress (ADC), said the Bootcamp is targeted at Nigerian youth interested in learning how to legitimately monetize the internet for self-employment, using simple skills they can learn and deploy for profit in a matter of days.

In an unprecedented community service initiative that further sets him apart as a new kind of politician in Nigeria, Prof. Moghalu unveiled a program for the benefit of the youth and unemployed that is markedly different from the usual “fish-to-eat” practice of old school politicians handing out food and money whenever it is close to elections.

According to Ochi Ogbuaku Jnr, a senior official of the Moghalu4Nigeria movement, this Moghalu “Fish-For-Life” initiative will provide training, and digital self-employment opportunities to a million youth over the next 12 months, through live online workshops, recorded training, and ongoing mentorship by seasoned trainers from the American Internet Business School, coordinated by Naija Lives Matter organization. “This initiative is part of a big picture vision we have been working on for some time, and we are excited to be finally kicking it off. The first batch of training will commence on Tuesday, March 15th – 18th and every month thereafter for the next 12 months and hopefully beyond. This free, 5 Day Bootcamp will provide practical, and immediately marketable skills, to attendees in the areas of freelancing, affiliate marketing, info marketing, and e-commerce. The program will be declared open by our convener, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu.”

Dr. Ope Banwo, Founder of Naija Lives Matter Organization and American Internet Business School, the co-organizers of the initiative, said: “As someone who has benefitted immensely from taking advantage of the amazing business opportunities in the digital marketplace for years, I know for a fact that acquiring digital business skills is one of the fastest routes out of the cycle of unemployment in most developing countries, regardless of the level of education, technical skills, or economic conditions. The Fish-For-life initiative is all about training and certifying people interested in getting trained and certified for highly-in-demand digital business skills across the world.”

The fish-For-life initiative will empower up to 1 million youths with basic digital self-employment skills they can learn and deploy in literally a matter of days with zero investment. Any Nigerian interested in learning digital skills for self-employment can apply now, 100% FREE, at

According to the program’s website, the attendees can look forward to:

• Free 5-Day practical training in highly in-demand Digital Businesses and job skills that anyone can learn, and deploy in a matter of days, with no prior tech skills, including freelancing, affiliate Marketing, Mobile App creation, Info Marketing, and eCommerce.

• Onboarding of attendees to several digital job placement websites to increase their chances of getting job orders from businesses and individuals abroad.

• Weekly online follow-up coaching and mentoring via weekly webinars and Q&A sessions on the special Facebook group at:

• All practical training sessions are provided online – live sessions, recorded training, weekly webinars, and live online Q&A in the group.

• Attendance certificates to be issued by the American Internet Business School and Moghalu4Nigeria movement.

To register and more details about the Moghalu4Nigeria Fish-For-life Digital Skills Empowerment Bootcamp please go to: The first class starts on Tuesday, March 15th – Saturday 8th, 2022.


Jide Akintunde

Spokesman, Moghalu4Nigeria movement

Release ID: 89066820