Moflon Rolled out Cap-Type slip rings for Increasing Efficiency of Mowing Robots

Mowing and weeding becomes literally a walk in the garden with mowing robots, but Moflon Technology just launched their latest innovation to make the job even easier for avid gardeners.

Manual weeding and mowing becomes a daunting task especially in the summer months and the work efficiency is reduced to a great degree. To make it easier for the avid gardeners, Moflon Technology from Shenzhen recently rolled out their cap-type slip rings which can be used by manufacturers of mowing robots to increase the efficiency of these mowing machines. At a recent press conference held in Shenzhen, China, the owners of Moflon said that it’s the end users who would be benefitted most from the use of slip rings in mowing robots.

“Mowing is a heavily labor-intensive job and the labor cost of mowing and seeding has also gone up in recent years. For this reason, mowing robots were created by innovative manufacturers. These robots help users solving various weeding issues, and make the weeding operation particularly simple, enjoyable and fun. These robots are at least ten times more efficient than human labors. The cap-type slip rings which we have launched would make these robots even more efficient”, claimed one of the senior sales executives of Moflon at the recent press conference.

According to the executive, mowing robots perform the tasks in two ways – rotary mowing and straight mowing, and the rotary mowing method is known to be more effective. 360 degree rotation gives rise to the winding problem. According to the executive, the MC series cap-type slip rings are capable of transmitting signals as well as currents, and this could potentially solve the problem of winding.

“Our conductive cap-type slip rings have round-shaped flanges on their shells. These slip rings have a compact design, are lightweight and small and can easily be installed. We have used the military surface treatment process in US military and ultra-hard gold plating for manufacturing these products, which is why these slip rings have lower resistance fluctuation than many other similar products. These slip rings are primarily used for transmitting weak currents and control signals. These low-torque slip rings have low electrical noise and need no maintenance”, added the executive.

The CEO and managing director of Moflon, who was also present at the press conference, said, “We offer bespoke solutions and a wide variety of slip rings are available. We have successfully developed more than five hundred different types of cap-type slip rings to date and have designed more than six thousand different types. We hope that the cap-type slip rings would receive warm response from investors and key stakeholders alike”.

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Moflon Technology is a Shenzhen-based slip ring manufacturer.

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