Modesto CA Restaurant SMS Text Message Marketing Small Business Service Launched

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An SMS text-based marketing service, popular with restaurant owners who need to react quickly to ever-fluctuating business conditions, has been launched in Modesto, California., an SMS text-based marketing service, has announced the launch of its service in Modesto, California. SMS text-based marketing is increasingly popular with restaurant owners and other businesses which need to react quickly to ever-fluctuating business conditions and run regular promotions.

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The announcement of the launch of’s SMS text-based marketing service in Modesto will be particularly valuable to businesses hoping to take advantage of the opportunities available via the mobile marketing platform. SMS text campaigns typically receive a 98% open rate and are usually read within three minutes of being sent.

Texts are sent from the business owner’s cell phone, and offers can be redeemed on the customer’s phone, online, or in person. This flexibility makes SMS text-based marketing campaigns ideal for promoting immediate availability, quickly turning a slow midweek lunchtime trading period into a busy and more profitable restaurant.

SMS text-based marketing campaigns are also an ideal strategy for keeping regular customers informed about events and special offers, ensuring they don’t miss out. This approach also guarantees that businesses can enjoy access to more regular repeat business.

Due to the popularity of’s SMS marketing service, the SMS text-based marketing platform will only be available to a limited number of clients in the Modesto area. Access to the service will be decided based on location and a first-come, first-served basis. Business owners seeking to secure access to’s SMS text-based marketing platform should visit

A spokesperson for said, “SMS text-based marketing is both low-cost and incredibly easy. Anytime a business wants to generate more business, they simply send out a text broadcast from their cell phone with a special offer. Getting set up on is also incredibly quick and easy. Most clients can start collecting their customers’ cellphone numbers and start sending campaigns in around three days.”

More information about’s SMS text-based marketing service for restaurants and other businesses in Modesto, California, is available at

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