Modern Uses For Ancient Crystal Rock Salt

The heart shaped Himalayan rock salt lamp offered by Useful Innovation became available on Amazon.

Useful Innovation announces the current release of double heart Himalayan salt lamps available for purchase on Amazon at It represents a modern use for an ancient material. Himalayan rock salt was formed by the evaporation of a land locked sea during the period when dinosaurs walked the earth. Mountains were latter pushed up by the movement of tectonic faults, leaving the salt deposits at a greater elevation. Ancient man made use of the deposits as a source of dietary salt. Commercial salt mines developed. It was discovered that miners in these salt mines experienced improved health and a lower incidence of disease. It was from this knowledge that the current uses of Himalayan as an adjuvant to good health originally developed. It was found that salt mines contained a much higher than average negative ionic charge in the air which is conducive to good health.

Today, individuals may achieve a similar effect in their homes with the use of Himalayan salt lamps. Salt lamps are hydroscopic. This means that they attract water molecules from the air. The water attracted to the surface of a salt lamp which is turned on is immediately evaporated and released back into the air due to the warm temperature of the salt. When this happens, the molecule is carrying a negative charge. Negatively charged air has a tendency to cause fine particles and pollutants in the air to clump together and fall out of the air. Since Himalayan rock salt is semi-transparent, the light bulb heated salt doubles as an air purifier and light source. More information at

The heart shaped Himalayan rock salt lamp offered by Useful Innovation is considered to be effective for an area of about 100 square feet around the fully illuminated 6 ½ pound lamp. Larger rooms benefit from multiple lamps. It comes with a 10 watt bulb, six foot cord, and adjustable dimmer switch. The dimmer switch also makes it useful as a night light. It sits on a Neem Wood base. The artistic and romantic aspects of the crafted double heart shaped design make it an ideal gift for women, and to friends and family for birthdays, Valentine’s day, and the holiday seasons. The salt body of the lamp never grows old. It is available on Amazon at

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