Modern Day Online Personal Fitness Training Program For Improved Health Launched

Online personalized home/gym workouts and nutrition meal plans are available for those looking to achieve overall wellness. The program is spearheaded by certified personal trainer Matthew Pacheco.

An online personal training program by CocoFit has been announced. The program is aimed at helping individuals around the world improve their overall wellness and become the best possible version of themselves.

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The recently announced program was created by certified personal trainer Matthew Pacheco, who himself struggled with familial high cholesterol and poor overall wellness issues. According to the personal trainer, after his father passed away at the age of 53 from a mild heart attack due to clogged arteries, he began his fitness journey.

Also known as Coco, the owner of CocoFit related that when he first began his fitness journey he was 34, out of shape, and had poor nutrition habits. However, he soon got in shape thanks to his previous personal trainer, who mentored and inspired him to help others like himself to achieve overall wellness.

All was going well, as Coco trained clients at the same gym in which he was trained, until the onset of the current global pandemic. The subsequent lockdown that came with the global pandemic forced all gyms to close, and so the personal trainer lost all of his clients.

Not wanting to give up on helping others achieve their fitness goals, and having a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity, Coco then decided to combine his knowledge of computers and passion for fitness. This birthed the online fitness program, CocoFit.

“My program contains features that are not available on any other personal training apps or online fitness programs today and includes myself as a live certified online personal trainer. Now I have the capability to help clients not only locally but all over the world achieve overall wellness without the restrictions of anyone or anything,” he stated.

The fitness platform is comprised of three choices: a personalized program, a workout only program, or a nutrition only program. Clients can choose one of the three and see details of what it comes with along with prices, before signing up.

The personalized program is a combination of tailored home or gym workouts and customized nutrition meal plans. It comprises of meals swaps, exercise swaps, food allergies/dislikes blacklist, 10 nutrition preference choices, demonstration videos, a complete shopping list, progress tracking, private community support group, priority support and many other benefits.

With the workout only program, clients get the same benefits of the personalized program, minus the customized nutritional meal plan that comes with it. The nutrition only program is the reverse of the workout only program, as clients are treated to everything relating to nutritional meal plans and other standard benefits but no personalized workout plan.

Coco’s program contains features that are not available on any other personal training apps or online fitness programs today, and it features him as a live certified online personal trainer.

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