Modern Classic Cars Investment Opportunities – High Value Models Report Released

My Car Heaven, a website devoted to auto enthusiasts, has issued a new report detailing the best modern classic cars to invest in for long-term appreciation.

The website’s new report focuses on cars produced within the last 20 years, advising readers that now may be the best time possible to invest in autos that are still road-worthy and whose value could double or triple within only a few years.

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The newly released guide looks at ten cars specifically pegged as the next classics. It includes the elegant Lotus Elise and the Audi RSG Avant Type 4F, the only model fitted with Lamborghini’s 5.0-litre V10 engine, giving the family estate car a 0-60 mph time at only 4.5 seconds.

While cars typically lose a large percentage of their value the moment they leave the dealership, classic cars can gain in value with the passage of time, depending on rarity or special features or performance characteristics. Over the past ten years, the classic car market—as identified by indices like HAGI—has outshone other collectables markets, such as stamps, and the broad stock market overall.

My Car Heaven focuses on distinguishing characteristics that not only make each model unique but could serve to inflate the car’s prospective market value over time. For example, the Honda S2000 represented a marvel of precision engineering, lightweight stability and driving dynamics. Accordingly, many automotive journalists misunderstood it: its perfect construction allowed the lack of torque to create an especially exciting driving experience.

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The website also features car news, competitions, car shows, and a regular blog that covers everything from how to buy a car and automotive trends for 2022 to ways of improving an individual’s existing car.

My Car Heaven is a specialist automotive website based in Wokingham, Berkshire, which serves to educate and entertain its car-loving audience. The site’s team, led by founder and owner Will Wynn, is particularly interested in beautiful and iconic cars, including supercars, hypercars, and classic cars. The team regularly attends the biggest car shows in the UK and around the world.

“We are like kids in a toy shop,” said a site spokesperson. “We love cars and we like to share our enthusiasm with the auto community. And we think our latest report on investing in classic cars is right on the money.”

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