Modern Christian Interpretations Biblical Scholarship Tolerance Site Launched

A new website has been launched with a Christian theme. Towards A Sane Faith is a site with a series of reports focused on exploring Christianity with new interpretations of tolerance of the modern world.

A new Christian themed website, Toward A Sane Faith, has been launched. This website focuses on exploring Christianity with new ideas geared towards the modern world and tolerance of other faiths and lifestyles. These new ideas are shared via a series of reports.

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Kevin Ruffcorn is the owner and author of Toward A Sane Faith and is a resident of Minnesota. The site explains that Kevin attended Luther Theological Seminary in St Paul, before earning a Doctorate in church growth from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He has served congregations in North Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Arizona. He is currently pastor of Desert Streams Lutheran Church in Arizona.

The site states that Kevin’s vocation is writing and that he has written five books, devotionals, Bible studies and articles for magazines. Kevin’s reports on his new website are aimed at people who are looking for something different when reading about the Christian faith. The site says that many people are tired of a faith that condemns other faiths and lifestyles, or that they are tired of a God that is inaccessible.

These reports are described as exploring new paths of biblical interpretations and theological perspectives. They combine modern biblical scholarship when interpreting the Bible and do not see science as a threat. The focus of the reports are on the world of today and how the Bible can comfort, console, enlighten and inspire people living in this world. They aim to help people strive for justice, peace and equality.

A recent selection of short reports in the week leading up to Christmas have been based on messages from the Bible and have examples from the modern world to show the point of this message and how they can still be interpreted today. For example “In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus” (Luke 2:1) was described by the way of a man being made redundant from his job a week before Christmas and how he felt despair and anger. But he moved on to a better life with a dream job and realized that things happen for a reason.

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