Modern Children’s Fables & Stories About Right And Wrong New Book Released

The new picture book ‘How the Snake Got Its Tail’, a modern day children’s fable about two twin snakes, To and Fro, imparting important lessons about right and wrong or good and evil, has been released by children book’s author, Richard Rensberry

The prominent children’s book author Richard Rensberry has announced the launch of his latest modern day children’s fable, ‘How the Snake Got Its Tail’, tailored to impart lessons about right and wrong in a light-hearted and entertaining fashion.

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Richard Rensberry is a children’s book author at QuickTurtle Books and poet, blogger, award winning painter and sculptor. His newly released picture book entitled ‘How the Snake Got Its Tail’ is a modern day children’s fable imparting important lessons about good and evil.

The book portrays a classic battle between right and wrong or good an evil and intends to introduce children to such concepts. The story is told in a light-hearted and entertaining fashion, mostly through illustrations and featuring minimal words, tailored to be captivating and understood by children at k-3 grade age, between four and nine years old.

The modern day fable is about two twin snakes, To and Fro. The first one is attracted to happiness and everything bright or beautiful and the second, Fro, is attracted to darkness. Their adventures are presented in a children-friendly and entertaining fashion whilst imparting lessons about the consequences of good and evil. Its ultimate lesson is the gift of life.

The story also features an important child-friendly introduction to drug-free living. Richard Rensberry has spent the last 15 years in the field of drug education, partnering with golf teams from the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants to raise funds for drug education in local schools, and helping over 200,000 children choose drug-free lives.

He explains that “it is my hope that parents also take advantage of How the Snake Got Its Tail as an introduction to the dangers of drugs, presented on a level that children can realize and understand”.

Multiple 5-star customer or parent reviews on the ‘How the Snake Got Its Tail’ fable along with the Kindle version of the book are currently available on Amazon at the website link provided above.

More information on Richard Rensberry, examples of his poetry and details about his next releases, including the modern day children’s fable ‘Quick Turtles Rule’, to be published in the summer of 2016, or his full length poetry books, ‘The Wolf Pack Moon’, currently available in paperback, and ‘Heartwood’, to be published by the end of the 2016 are available at

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