Modern Affiliate Marketing In Today’s Economy – Online Business Report Released

A London based marketing company have released their comprehensive report for businesses and individuals helping them build sales and revenue in the growing affiliating marketing industry.

“Awaken Your Income”, a London-based marketing agency, announced its new comprehensive report, which details how businesses and individuals can successfully maximize their online revenue in the affiliate marketing industry. The agency provides companies with effective marketing tools and strategies, including training videos, and online publications.

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The recently released report aims to provide exclusive insights to startups and online businesses that want to leverage profits and avoid a stall in business growth.

Marketing statistics estimate that global affiliate marketing is currently worth $12 billion. Although many are eager to tap into this growing industry, a large number of businesses fail to garner progress and many, lose money attempting this form of marketing.

The new report ‘Affiliate Marketing Revealed – Why Most People Fail’ offers essential marketing insights to businesses that want to progress in today’s economy. It outlines the 13 mistakes businesses make that stall their progress.

Some of these mistakes include underestimating the industry’s changing nature and using a faulty ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy. Additionally, the guide outlines 4 main components that businesses should focus on to be profitable in today’s economy.

With this latest announcement, Awaken Your Income continues to offer online businesses and startups the necessary strategies to maximize profits, expand growth, and achieve business success. The company has a strong sense of professionalism and believes that any successful business formula requires three fundamental principles: mindset, skill set, and growth.

Spokesperson to Awaken Your Income echoes this point: “It’s important to have the core strategies and skill sets for creating your own success. Otherwise, it’s easy to be led astray with the latest trends and tactics that leave you running in a hamster wheel and get you nowhere. This report is a guide to help online business owners take effective action quickly.”

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