Mobility Fitness Training App On-Demand Exercise Program Manager Launched

PrimalThenics has launched a new workout and fitness app by experienced Australian trainer and coach Chris Miller. He has 20 years' experience coaching at all levels from Olympians to everyday people trying to lose weight.

PrimalThenics has launched a new fitness app created by experienced fitness coach Chris Miller. The app brings together his life’s work and utilises proven fitness techniques learned in over 20 years of experience in coaching and rehabilitation.

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The app contains activities for everybody at all levels of fitness and age. Irrespective of whether someone is looking to get back into shape, lose weight, or build muscle, the app provides something for everybody.

Training sessions are delivered on a subscription basis, enabling users to download sessions as though they are attending a class but at a time that is convenient to them.

PrimalThenics is a training program specifically designed to combine mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. While traditional training styles only improve one element of fitness at a time, PrimalThenics uses an all-in-one program combining mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

The designed movements will expose the user’s weaknesses, allowing them to work those muscles and joints through the full range of motion in a controlled manner to improve fitness and well being.

The app allows users to set their own exercise program through a choice of four fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and “I own it.” Having set their appropriate level the app gives access to a library of 5,500 minutes of workouts that can be accessed at any time.

It also allows users to tailor their workout to their precise needs, choosing from a variety of strength, cardio, and mobility sessions. Fresh workouts are added weekly through a live channel.

Chris Miller gives users access to training sessions with Olympians, weekend warriors, ex-professional athletes, and professionals including teachers, nurses, doctors, bloggers, CEOs, parents and everyday people.

Preparation is one of the keys to success with PrimalThenics. The preparation phase starts with joint and eye exercises to increase joint flexibility and stimulate sensory input.

Next, movement sessions identify restrictions that can be corrected in mobility drills. Squat and push-up exercises provide the explore phase and then crawling exercises to further activate the brain-body connection. Finally in the active phase, muscle groups prone to tightness are activated. Following this the preparation phase is complete and users are ready to train.

A free two-week session to allow users to fully evaluate the app is available to download. Full details can be found on the URL above.

Release ID: 88966846