Mobile First Canada Equipped to Make Businesses Omnipresent in the Digital World

For all its affiliate partners and those who wish to join the same can have all their queries answered by registering with their Mobile First Canada's Free Affiliate webinar that is going to be in two languages - English and French.

Mobile First Canada, the global leader in helping individuals, businesses and start-ups through its cost-effective solutions to all digital problems continues to do the so with its COVID-19 Giveaway program which has already reached halfway. It is their initiative to help the community impacted in the era of COVID-19 by helping jobless people, impacted businesses and startups by creating their digital entity. While most of the slots have been booked, you still have an opportunity to get one-page website called Digital Business Card and that too for FREE Forever only if you sign up till the midnight of Sep 20, 2020, just ahead of which they are going to announce their official launch. The available slots can be booked here.

Apart from the extended help, Mobile First Canada also launched its Affiliate Programs as a new opportunity to work from home for many individuals. Many people have already started registering with Mobile First Canada as Affiliate partners and you too can avail it just by clicking here and entering the agreement. The program opens up earning opportunities through various affiliate programs for all its services, starting from Website building to its entire range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and Paid Ad tools. The affiliate partners get a share of profit for the clients brought through the specially created affiliate websites for them to avail these services. While the services will be provided by Mobile First Canada, the affiliate partner will get the share of the decided commission.

Mobile First Canada is constantly aggrandizing in the right direction. The very essence of having a website by any business is to bring home more business. But, most of them lack to drive in the targeted traffic. Addressing this major problem that most of the businesses face in the online realm has emanated the idea of SEO tools as said by MC Mario, the project manager at Mobile First Canada.

MC Mario proudly announced the launch of SEO tools like Distribution Channel Campaign (DCC), social media tools of advertising through elegant logos, concise banners, high-quality backlinks and many more. He said, “With dynamic algorithms of search engine rankings, most of the web developers have been working on easily paid searches. But, I think this gives an unfair advantage to business giants and big brands. Small-sized or new businesses with limited budgets rely more on organic searches and so does the real customer. The real problem they face in the digital world is reaching out to the target audience. Hence, my team developed this content amplification channel through which a business’ voice can be reached to the potential buyers through channels escorting organic traffic.”

This content amplification distribution channel through a variety of SEO tools is set to create digital assets. And the customer’s content can be posted and advertised across various platforms in different forms. The content can be in the form of written blog posts, informative articles, info-graphics, videos, slide shares, podcasts, presentations and many more which can be selected according to the business types. They have a well-led creative team for lucrative content creation.

The digital assets through which Mobile-First Canada aims to connect the buyers and the suppliers are the unique Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and social media ad tools. As a part of the marketing campaign, customer’s content will be advertised across major news sites, high traffic blogs, podcast directories, slide share, video sites and more, in multiple formats and all automatically. If you too want to avail Mobile First’s DCC at the 50% discounted prices, all you need is to click here and request a quote.

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