Mobile Doc FL, America’s Solution to Help #STOPTHESPREAD

Mobile Doc FL is changing things in the Mobile Laboratory Testing space for the better with it's Rapid COVID-19 Testing. Further information can be found at

Introducing Mobile Doc, a CLIA-Certified mobile laboratory focused on making COVID testing fast, comfortable and affordable. Mobile Doc focuses specifically on point-of-care rapid antigen and antibody testing and provides PCR testing, encouraging its use as a confirmatory test. Mobile Doc services are tailored to industries of service; both private and public business, event safety, and even offers convenient at-home services for residential clients that prefer the comfort and privacy of their home.

Says Co-founder Dr. Josef Newman, “We are a solution-oriented organization providing personalized safety solutions for home and work. We promote affordable frequent testing, with the belief that frequent surveillance leads to earlier diagnosis and appropriate quarantine. This allows our patients to go back to their lives sooner while still prioritizing their safety and the safety of their coworkers and neighbors.”

Mobile Doc believes that frequent workplace testing with appropriate quarantine will keep employees at work safely, minimizing unnecessary quarantine while prioritizing communal health. Its Business customers work directly alongside experienced physicians to establish a recurrent testing schedule that fits the needs of the employer while maintaining safety and privacy of the employee.

Mobile doc supports a range of industries including those from government, schools, construction, supply-chain logistics, travel, retail, professional sports teams and small private companies, to large public corporations. Mobile Doc additionally offers both wedding and event-planning last-minute diagnostic services. Mobile Doc utilizes only FDA EUA (Emergency Usage Authorization) approved tests for COVID testing and is constantly reviewing the latest data and product documentation to ensure they purchase and maintain only the highest quality assets.

Its residential service allows for last-minute appointments throughout South Florida. They understand emergencies happen and are built to help fix them. They can accommodate appointments in less than 24 hours’ notice, anywhere from Palm Beach to South Beach, while taking pride in helping keep its patients safe.

One of the most dangerous aspects of COVID is the number of asymptomatic individuals who carry the virus without knowing, potentially passing it on to someone who is more vulnerable and becomes critically ill. With typical viruses we have traditionally only tested & quarantined patients with symptoms.

The past year has shown that this strategy will not work with COVID. Dr. Newman continues, “Our hope is that recurrent testing will catch asymptomatic cases allowing us to quarantine these individuals before there is a chance of transmission to coworkers, friends or families. Our success is measured by stopping the spread of COVID. We work with employers and employees to establish a system that protects patient privacy while also protecting the greater good.

We discuss the need for limited release of information on behalf of the employee so that their supervisor can assist them when needed in obtaining PCR and coming back to work safely. We do so with the utmost discretion while ensuring any potential cases of transmission are limited as soon as possible.”

Event services use rapid antigen testing to decrease risk of COVID positive attendees. Whether weddings, family celebrations, or other events we work with event planners or directly with customers to test all guests in a timely manner. Residential services are set up to take direct at-home appointments for either Antigen or Antibody testing according to the patients’ needs.

Consultation can be arranged through their medical director to determine optimal test type. A qualified member of their medical staff will meet you in the comfort of your home to provide reliable, on-the-spot results.

Once again, the Mobile COVID-19 Testing service is set to serve you. To find out more, the place to visit is

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