Mobile Car Detailing Brisbane Providing At-Home Car Washes, Detailing, And More

Mobile Care Detailing Brisbane operator expands its services to meet the needs of luxury car owners. Expansion is a result of high levels of customer service and quality detailing for luxury car owners in Brisbane.

Brisbane, Australia – Mobile Car Wash Brisbane, a Brisbane-based full-service mobile car detailing service provider that administers at-home car washes, polishing, and detailing to any type of make or model, continues to outshine the competition as Brisbane’s preferred mobile detailing company today.

Borne from a passion for using only the best products on the market to detail every car with the highest design standards today, Mobile Car wash Brisbane is letting every car owner know about the benefits of detailed cars for high-valued re-sales.

“Nothing is made to last forever, and when you use your automobile day-in and day-out, it starts to fade in its appearance and performance,” said Jason Kumar, Operator and advanced technician of Mobile Car Wash Brisbane. “With our detailing service, mobile owners will not only be able to show of their new, shiny car, they’ll also be able to list it for a higher re-sale asking price.”

Before Mobile Car Wash Brisbane takes on a detailing order, the team provides an expert evaluation for what parts of the car need special detailing attention. Most of their orders start with updating and refining the outer layer of paint on the car. Next, they evaluate the wheel and tires, surveying any damage or black streaks that degrade the car’s appearance. Finally, once the exterior is completed, the team evaluates the interior, which ends up being the longest, most complex part of the process. Services range from a basic car wash to a full detailing, including carpet shampoo and polishing.

“Both the exterior and the interior of the car are weighted greatly when it comes time to slap on a re-sale price,” said Jason “Our comprehensive detailing services cover every part of the vehicle, from the tire treads, to the seating appearance. Spread the word, and head on over to our website today.”

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