Mobile App Outsourcing & Web Design Service Announced

A New York/Massachusetts based IT solutions company has announced it can help clients to scale and grow with a wide range of professional services. These include custom web and app design, mobile services and more.

TIMIT Solutions, a New York/Massachusetts based IT company with a focus on web design, mobile apps and software development, has announced it can provide clients with what their business truly needs. Over the past eight years, the team has helped companies in the insurance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and construction fields scale and grow through high quality IT solutions.

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The site explains that TIMIT Solutions has helped a wide range of clients to find the right outcomes for their business based on their strategy, industry, market dynamics and budget.

Customers can get in touch with TIMIT Solutions knowing that they’ll get great service. The expert IT solutions team offer years of experience and a diverse skill set, which combine to provide each client with a strategy for success based on their own unique needs.

Companies working with TIMIT Solutions can reduce their IT costs and increase their ROI. What’s more, because the team does everything from business and IT strategy to project management and IT staffing, they understand what IT means to their clients both in a horizontal and vertical dimension.

Tim Montgomery, President of TIMIT Solutions, said, “Our ability to scale, and scale quickly is a product of decade-long relationships with the partners we work with. Our strength builds on vast experience from both the customer and IT vendor side.”

A full range of services is provided on the company website and includes website design, mobile app design, IT consulting and staffing, and custom software development.

With all the buzz about AI, ML and Cloud you can be sure businesses are looking for technology to optimize their client engagement, get them to market faster and cut costs along the way. It comes down to knowing the difference between what will drive their KPIs and what may be a questionable investment.

In addition to this, it is important for businesses to connect with their audience on a mobile level, with streamlined services that they can take on at their own pace.

Expert app design and software customization services are also available, along with custom app creation and more.

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