Mobile App for Construction Industry Promises Better Labor Management

busybusy releases five previously unpublished facts about its upcoming busybusy app launch. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new mobile time card app for the construction industry, busybusy is making public information about the busybusy app set to go live July 15th, which fans and consumers within the construction management space will find interesting…

The information include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating busybusy came about when in 2009 the Founder, Isaac, had just filed bankruptcy for his excavation company. He learned he wasn’t alone, as 70% of construction firms fail within the first 7 years…

The busybusy app, for smartphones, has been in development for 5 years with a team of 20 developers working on it, which is considered large by industry standards. This goes to show great things can happen from the ashes of losing everything. Isaac’s goal is to help the industry improve their profitability using technology.

The busybusy vision almost didn’t see the light of day, when almost a years worth of development had to be thrown out after learning the construction industry wasn’t embracing a social platform to perform for business management. The problem was overcome by changing company direction to a labor budget management platform using a mobile app.

busybusy has done something different compared to other businesses in the constructing labor time management space, by inviting several construction companies to use the software for free in their business during development. Many of those companies have seen rising profit and productivity as a result of the busybusy mobile app.

The busybusy app has been released as part of busybusy’s greater plans to give the construction industry the tools they need to make profitable decisions based off of real-time information. This includes the already available labor budget management, and the developing asset management. It’s hoped this goal will be achieved by end of the second quarter of 2016

busybusy got their start when Founder Isaac Barlow noticed a growing need for technology in labor cost management in construction. With 20 years prior experience in the constructing labor time management world, Isaac Barlow decided to go ahead and start in 2009.

Isaac Barlow is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like meet with them in person, work with their employees, provide customer support with online webinars and chat, and telephone support, and releasing these little factoids ahead of the busybusy app launch are what make a difference.”

busybusy is set to launch their improved platform July 15th. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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