Mobile App Design Agency Provide Solid Foundations for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile app design and development agency based in london releases information on their Enterprise Mobility Management services. More information can be found at:

Chelsea Apps Factory are a mobile app design & development agency based in London who are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience in smart apps. The mobile app company have released information all about how Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has been used to execute migrations projects, taking businesses to a new platform speedily and efficiently. Laying firm foundations for a mobile strategy.

More information about the mobile app design and development agency, Chelsea Apps Factory can be found on their website at:

The company talks about their platform migration services and how it is a an intuitive user interface that intelligently integrates end users into the process, relieving the IT department of the task. Chelsea Apps Factory go on to explain how the combination of automation, standardisation and self-service minimises down times during the migration process and cuts costs significantly.

Chelsea Apps Factory are pleased to announce that Enterprise Mobility Management grew out of the original Mobile Device Management (MDM) sector to encompass a wide range of capabilities needed to administer fleets of devices such as:

-Security policy enforcement

-Networking profiles

-Separating personal and work information spaces

-Mobile app management, including deployment and white-listing

-Identity management

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Chelsea Apps Factory also offer Smart Migration for Smart Apps and have teamed up with German technology vendor EBF to offer the first tool specifically designed to reduce the pain of migrating from one EMM vendor to another. This is particularly good news for those running legacy systems such as Good for whom inaction is not an option.

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