Mobile App Agency Reveals How Wearable Technology has Impacted the Industry

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Mobile app agency, Glance Creative Ltd revealed how wearable technology has impacted the mobile industry. Full post can be found at

London mobile app development agency, Glance Creative Ltd revealed how wearable technology has impacted the mobile industry. The recent post helps app developers and those interested in the technology world see how the trend is here to stay.

Interested parties can read the full blog post over on their website:

Glance discusses how wearable technology was once just a scientific dream a few years ago and recently became a reality taking the consumer market by storm. The mobile app agency based in London also goes into detail about how they believe wearable technology will continue to integrate with force in the future.

Glance Creative Ltd includes details on the most popular wearable technology types:

– Smartwatches – the post discusses how these devices are capable of telling the time as well as being able to perform a number of other useful functions like giving directions, performing calculations, notifying you of incoming emails and texts, answering calls, taking pictures and playing music.

– Fitness trackers – Glance include how these type of wearable devices are able to monitor heart rate, steps walked, floors climbed, sleep, exercise patterns and other variables.

And more…

The recent post was created by Tyrell Bibbiani, a social media marketeer at the mobile app agency, Glance Creative Ltd. When asked about the blog post he commented:

“Wearable tech is a small but growing percentage of the mobile market. As it achieves greater market penetration, developers will tailor more apps for these devices. While they pose unique challenges for most developers, their capabilities also have the potential to dramatically change how we interact and consume technology for the future.”

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