Mobile Aluminum Magnetic Phone Case Secure Silicone Computing Promotion Launched

A new promotion has been launched by Touchfire Products, allowing customers to get great deals on mobile computing accessories. The site is known for its high quality products and service.

Touchfire Products has launched a new promotion for mobile products and gadgets on its site, with a variety of discounts available. Customers can get their hands on an ultra premium telephoto lens, ultra magnetic phone case, and multi-port USB hub among other items.

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The site explains that Touchfire Products was created as a labor of love from two tech product veterans, Steve Isaac and Bradley Mellon. They are passionate about mobile computing and tech, and created the company to bring more high quality products to customers.

Touchfire Products began as a Kickstarter project, as the duo sought funding for their Touchfire iPad keyboard. This initial product became generally available in 2012, and since then the company has developed a number of other products.

As the company grew, it produced products for other iPads, and now it has launched a wide range of other products for those who love mobile computing and tech.

A range of trending products are featured on the Touchfire Products homepage. These include the ultra premium telephoto lens, the ultra magnetic phone case, the 1000x zoom USB microphone camera, and the multi-port USB hub.

One of the most popular items on the store is the ultra magnetic phone case, which is in high demand for its sleek and elegant design.

The case boasts sleek design with the highest quality materials on the market. It is made from silicone and Grade A aluminum, along with 9H tempered glass. This surrounds the phone in the ultimate protective case with a strong magnetic seal.

Customers enjoy shopping with Touchfire Products because not only is it known for its high quality service, but they get as full 60 days to return any items they’re not completely happy with.

Ordering is 100% easy and secure, allowing customers to shop with peace of mind.

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