MMA Fighting Community Future Is Bright: FighterCoin Cryptocurrency App Release

FighterCoin App releases information on how its new Cryptocurrency will change things in the MMA Fighting Community for the better. Further information can be found at

With the announcement of the revolutionary FighterCoin App launch, fans of the MMA Fighting Community and Cryptocurrency scene alike are racing to get their names on the App’s Whitelist.

For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Cryptocurrency or international amateur, semi-professional or professional fighting, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up. The blockchain token pre-sale is set for October 15, 2018 and signing up for their whitelist is the only way to ensure you’ll receive all the necessary details.

Currently, fighters struggle to make ends meet until their big purse fight. Fighters have to pay for training, transportation, and medical bills, all the while supporting their families.

In an interview with Inverse, the first fighter to ever be pain in Bitcoin, Jon Fitch, makes a point of saying,

“The appeal for me with bitcoin and MMA is it’s an international sport. A lot of guys have problems with getting paid and the payment processing that goes on. You fight in Brazil or somewhere else, and it takes a few weeks before you get your check. It’s not always easy for a lot of fighters. They’ve got people to pay, trainers, expenses, and things like that.”

With the launch of FighterCoin (FGC), Fighters who are up and coming will be able to receive direct funding from supporters. They’ll use these funds to meet daily needs – food, rent, training camps, pre-fight medicals, transportation, training fees and other miscellaneous expenses incurred prior to their big break.

The creators behind the new blockchain cryptocurrency believe in developing a lasting ecosystem for the sport of Fighters to help athletes have a secondary source of financial aid from their community of fans. FighterCoin embodies the true spirit of the sport, creating a win-win for fans and fighters alike.

FighterCoin brings the excitement of MMA Fights closer to the fans by providing a cool new way to engage with the sport. Now fans can engage personally by using the FighterCoin mobile app through Fantasy Games to compete with other fans and win fun rewards and prizes. Fans pay to play using the FighterCoin cryptocurrency token and proceeds go to fund their favorite fighters. This strategy benefits the fighting community as a whole, helping defray training, medical and transportation costs, while creating a retirement fund for fighters. A fun coin with a genuine purpose.

Once again, the pre-sale launch begins on October 15, 2018, but distribution is limited, and you’re advised to sign up for the FighterCoin White List to get priority notification of all future details:

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