Mixed Media Social Poll App – Targeted Feedback/Anonymous Question Mode Launched

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Weebl has launched a mobile app for mixed media social polling. The app allows users to ask questions on social media to collect information and opinions from their peers and followers on any topic.

The innovative app is available now from both the Apple and Google Play stores, for users who wish to take part in asking or answering questions online. The app has a 5-star rating on the Apple store and requires iOS 11.0 or later.

For more information, please visit the Weebl website at https://www.letsweebl.com

With the new app, users can share their questions using mixed media formats that integrate photos, videos, and audio. The feedback on questions can be delivered instantly through the use of SMS notifications or reviewed with the app.

The Weebl team has found that many users are not always comfortable openly asking the questions that they would like to and have implemented an incognito mode to encourage more open discussion. The incognito mode allows users to remain entirely anonymous, while still receiving the same targeted results.

To allow for more in-depth responses, the app also allows questioners to begin follow-up discussions with people who answer their polls. This feature offers them an opportunity to get more feedback, improve on ideas, and collaborate in areas of shared interest.

Shared interest groups can be created through the application using a feature called “My Circles.” These groups allow users to send questions to specific people who share a common interest or have the experience required to provide the best answers. These audience groups are highly customizable and often turn into micro-communities focused on sharing knowledge.

The application is rated “T” for Teen, and comprises a diverse user base from around the world. The Weebl team has constructed its community based on the idea of respecting all people in order to build a safe and fun environment for everyone.

A satisfied client said, “This is a great way to stay connected. I’m in a group chat of about 15 or so from all over the East Coast, and someone is always asking about something or other. This is a nice way to ask simple questions and have the answer right in front of you, without having to scroll back through a bunch of messages. Plus it’s fun.”

To learn more or to download the app, please visit https://www.letsweebl.com

Release ID: 89044049