Mix And Match Trendy Earrings Set For Women Fashion Jewelry Collection Launched

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A California online shopping firm has launched a new collection of jewelry featuring 30 pieces of trendy earrings, which gives customers more options for daily use and special events.

An online shop specializing in crystals and jewelry has launched a new collection of earrings aimed at women looking for a wide range of options for different styling needs.

More information is available at https://edys-treasures.com/collections/jewelry/products/new-7-pc-mixed-earring-bundle-lot

Sacramento-based Edy’s Treasures is offering new customers and loyal patrons an opportunity to purchase a large selection of fashionable earrings for $70. This set contains 30 pieces of nickel-free pieces with various sizes, types, and designs, such as dangling earrings, hoop earrings, and many others.

According to the company, customers can expect a stylish selection curated from its collection of over 1,000 pairs of earrings. It added that these items can be used for a number of purposes, including daily use, special events, or as gifts.

Interested buyers may log on to the company’s e-commerce website to order. Those who want to earn a 20% discount may join Edy’s Treasures’s VIP text club, which can be accessed by texting “Deals” to 77948.

The variety of choices found in this set makes it easy to pull off the mismatched earring style popularized by celebrities like Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson. While this non-traditional trend requires asymmetry, the earrings worn still often share a similar theme, which is present in Edy’s Treasures’s collection.

The move to teleconferencing because of work-from-home set-ups is also making certain types of earrings popular. Jewelry industry publication Instore Magazine reported in October that large statement and dangling earrings, such as those featured in this collection, are expected to remain trendy as women continue to look for jewelry that looks good “during Zoom meetings”.

Furthermore, it reported that affordable jewelry options will increase in demand as the price of gold rises. These options include mixed-metal, sterling silver, and gold-plated jewelry.

Edy’s Treasures also offers a wide array of fashion items, including clothes, bags, shoes, home decors, beauty products, books, and other gift items. It specializes in cleansing items like crystals and smudging sticks, which are used in smudging, a traditional Native American rite.

The company also engages in the wholesale of various products, such as clothing, sage sticks, toys, electronics, and more.

Full details about the offer can be found at https://edys-treasures.com/collections/jewelry or at the URL above.

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