MIT45 modifying corporate culture expanding into self-awareness market

LA News Wire looks at a top industry leader as it improves and modifies its Brand and company culture while expanding its product footprint into health spas, chiropractors, massage practices, health stores, and more.

As a self-proclaimed “natural” company, MIT45 has always been at the forefront of product sustainability. This is demonstrated in their recent expansion into the “Self Awareness” industry with the release of their kratom extract product lines. However, when it came time for them to develop their corporate culture, they were faced with some tough questions about what exactly that meant; what kind of products would be made? How would these products contribute to society? What kind of impact could MIT45 make on its own employees’ and customers’ lives? Their answer: Building an internal team that reflects their clients and brings a variety of backgrounds and opinions to the table to help solve problems. The article itself can be found at LA News Wire

If you’ve noticed, there’s a lot of buzz around company culture today. As it turns out, finding an amazing work environment is the reason 47% of candidates start their job search at all. Dalton Locke, Chief Branding Officer for MIT45 said “We have found success in creating a culture based on authenticity and trust. We believe in celebrating the individual uniqueness of every member on our team.”

A strong corporate community has been shown to improve retention and engagement rates; so MIT45 has been building one that will excite its employees and prospective hires to help guide the company into the “self-awareness” markets including chiropractors, massage practices, health food, and nutrient stores, etc. introducing the MIT45 Merchants program.

MIT45 is an example of a strong corporate culture that has been able to expand into the self-awareness market. Being industry leaders, MIT45 provides the best industry wholesale rates providing great profits for your business. It’s important for companies to understand how corporate culture works because it can help them grow and adapt over time. What do you think about how important corporate culture is to a company? Visit LA News Wire and let them know.

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