Missoula MT Non-Toxic Rodent Extermination Organic Pest Control Service Expands

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Shield Pest Defense (406-218-1782) of Missoula, MT, has expanded its non-toxic rodent extermination and pest control services to residential and commercial clients in and around the city. The company uses scientific, eco-friendly, human-safe, and pet safe pesticide products.

The expansion of Shield Pest Defense rodent control solutions comes ahead of the onset of the colder months, when rats, mice, and other rodents seek to move into homes and commercial buildings for warmth and safety. Professional Montana exterminators offer customized insect and rodent control solutions for any type of building.

More information is available at https://pestcontrolmissoula.us

The new services will be of interest to residential and commercial clients looking for pest extermination experts who use environmentally friendly methods that are both effective and safe. The major drawbacks associated with conventional pest control are the potential environmental and health risks of harmful toxins found in pest control chemicals. Commercial businesses may also experience downtime while waiting for these chemical toxins in the air to disperse, leading to lower productivity.

Shield Pest Defense provides non-toxic options for rodent control that focus on the safe eradication of pests using organic, FDA-approved pesticides with long-lasting repellant qualities. Clients can expect an affordable and structured service that is based on the company’s 9-step eco-friendly extermination process.

The company’s range of pest control products contains organic plant-based elements that are toxin-free and effective against rodents. The company utilizes a unique research-driven and patented EcoSure approach utilizing natural oils that directly affect pests’ nervous systems, leading to more effective results.

A representative said, “At Shield Pest Defense we offer you coverage against a multitude of pests that might otherwise invade your home and cause stress and anxiety beyond belief. We operate with a higher standard of integrity by offering you eco-friendly alternatives through our patented natural oil-based process, affecting pests’ nervous systems by the laws of mother nature. This keeps them far away from your home by building an effective 3-foot perimeter that deters them from entry.”

About The Company

Shield Pest Defense is an eco-friendly pest control company based in Missoula, Montana. The company’s certified professionals are trained to carry out in-depth assessments of an infestation, and tailor pest control solutions based on the client’s specific needs. As part of their 90-day guarantee, clients are assured of a free repeat visit if initial solutions fail to yield results.

The Missoula, MT rat exterminators also provide targeted pest control services against cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, wasps, ants, and spiders.

Interested parties can find more information on Shield Pest Defense by visiting the link above, or by viewing the company’s pest control process description video available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stpro0O6HWY

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