Mississippi Vehicle Decals Custom Wrapping Design Marketing Report Launched

Sweet Fleet Graphics has launched a new report on the benefits of getting vehicle wrapping design experts to work on vehicle fleets. The company can help trucks to get back on the road faster, and offers cost effective marketing.

A new report has been launched by Mississippi vehicle graphics design company Sweet Fleet Graphics, focusing on the benefits the company can provide for businesses wanting fast design work done so they can get back on the road quicker. The service provided by Sweet Fleet Graphics allows clients to save money by minimizing down time and increasing up time drivers are not waiting around on decals.

More information can be found at: http://sweetfleetgraphics.com.

The report emphasises that Sweet Fleet Graphics is keen and willing to travel across the country to offer businesses the best in sticker, decal and logo design for their vehicles and fleets.

Sweet Fleet Graphics has just completed the production and installation on Jones Logistics Fleet in Hattiesburg, MS. This included 130 trucks and 23 trailers. The company traveled from Texas to Florida to get the job complete. Throughout the job there was minimal downtime for the trucks as the company waited on the pipeline to complete the vehicles as they entered the yard.

The company is run by Nik Ingram, who prides himself on his high quality work. Sweet Fleet Graphics strives to help brands take off through well designed branding, and enjoys providing clients with the machinery, expertise and passion they need to help get the job done.

Sweet Fleet Graphics is a professional Saigon company based in Columbia, MS, and is dedicated to offering the best in custom vehicle logo designs and graphics. It offers truck signs, fleet vehicle graphics, and commercial advertising for all manner of different brands.

Using vehicle branding and wrapping in this way is a cost effective way of advertising and promoting a brand. Research shows that thousands of people every day can see vehicle based advertising, which makes it more cost effective than other forms of marketing.

In addition to this, it helps to boost brand reputation and awareness by crafting a more professional image. Vehicles can be made to look as understated or a spectacular as needed, with a complete range of custom designs available.

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