Mississauga Divorce Mediators Family Corporate Mediation Services Site Launched

The popular Mississauga, Ontario mediation firm, PRM Mediation, with free consultations at 905-267-2175, announced the launch of a new website detailing its highly sought after corporate, family and elder mediation services for a ‘win-win’ dispute resolution without the stress and cost of legal battles.

The popular PRM Mediation firm announced the launch of a new website detailing its renowned mediation services available for clients in Mississauga, Ontario, looking for a more affordable, swift and mutually beneficial way of resolving corporate or family disputes.

More information is available at http://prmmediation.com.

PRM Mediation is a popular mediation firm based in Mississauga, Ontario, drawing on a unique mediation process and three decades of experience by its leading mediator, Mary Krauel, to help clients find solutions for their family or corporate disputes which can maximize the interests of both parties and mitigate the emotional or financial impact of legal battles.

The popular mediation firm has announced the launch of a new website detailing its popular range of conflict resolution services, which include leading corporate mediation proven to help minimize the impact that unresolved, mismanaged or litigated workplace, contract or any other corporate conflicts and disputes can have on the morale, productivity and profits of a company.

It also details the company’s highly sought after family mediation services, including elder mediation or the kind of divorce and separation mediation that allows couples to take control and settle the financial and parenting outcomes that best suit the interests of both parties and the children without the friction, stress, cost and time usually spent on divorce lawyers or legal battles.

Free consultations with PRM Mediation and more information on its unique, hands-on and empathy based mediation process can be requested at 905-267-2175 or through the website link provided above along with multiple client testimonials and details on the firm’s proven track record successfully negotiating million-dollar agreements for corporate clients and strengthening family relationships or fostering amicable co-parenting after a divorce.

The PRM Mediation team explains that “mediation is an affordable alternative dispute resolution method of resolving conflict in both family and corporate matters outside of the traditional and more adversarial legal system where the parties decide the outcome, instead of a judge. We bring two conflicting parties to the table and help them reach an agreement that represents a win-win for both, without the traumatic experience of going to court or drawn out legal exchanges.”

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