Mission Valley SD Energy Healer Spiritual Coaching Services Launched

San Diego-based energy medicine practitioner Sara Mitteer has just launched new Reiki programs aimed to assist clients in reducing pain, anxiety and fatigue as well as leading harmonious, healthier lives.

Sara Mitteer, a leading spiritual life coach and energy medicine specialist based in San Diego, has launched new Reiki energy healing services to aid clients in leading healthier, more relaxed lives. These services focus on helping clients to identify possible mental or emotional causes of physical ailments before enabling healing and spiritual growth.

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Reiki of San Diego was founded in 2016 and has recently expanded with a team of highly trained and deeply gifted healers to support the huge wave of people interested in stress relief and alternative healing. Reiki of San Diego’s therapeutic life coaching services are based on the idea that one’s physical body communicates underlying emotions and potential blocks that limit health and well-being. According to Sara, releasing these emotions is key to healing the mind, body and soul.

The San Diego-based energy healer is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and certified Hypnotherapist, guiding clients to release negative thoughts and patterns that stand in the way of growth. She further supports her clients by facilitating the emotional and energetic release of unhealed traumas. Her team of healers offering these programs are designed to promote inner healing resulting in an enhanced and more harmonious life.

Sara’s new coaching and spiritual healing programs are available locally at the Reiki of San Diego wellness suites, located in Mission Valley, as well as virtually with distance Reiki sessions and online consultations. Clients can opt for in-person visits or virtual coaching as befitting their preferences.

Reiki energy therapy aims to improve the lives of clients by healing them on a profound and spiritual level. Research shows that the therapy demonstrates significant statistical improvements in many physical and psychological ailments ranging from anxiety and depression to physical discomfort, pain and fatigue. Sara Mitteer and her team of healers now provide this therapy for those in need of spiritual energy-based healing.

With proficiency and experience in Reiki therapy, holistic health and energy medicine, Sara also teaches her clients about the health of their chakras and energy flow, empowering them to identify the energy blocks in their biofield that are holding them back from health and happiness.

Clients benefit from Sara and her team’s unique energy healing techniques, strengthened by their expertise in psychology, science and quantum physics, which aim to unlock hidden gateways and boost radical healing and spiritual prosperity. Reiki of San Diego specializes in achieving tangible change and deep mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

As the stressful circumstances amidst the current pandemic continue to have a detrimental effect on mental health and well-being, Sara Mitteer expands her profound energy healing and life coaching services to clients both in San Diego and worldwide to help relieve anxiety, stress and tension.

Those interested in spiritual and holistic healing are encouraged to find out more information about Reiki of San Diego’s services at the above-listed URL.

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