Miramar FL Property Damage Lawyers Insurance Claim Denial Legal Service Expanded

Louis Law Group, a firm of Miramar, FL property damage lawyers has expanded its property insurance claim denial legal services in Florida. The company helps homeowners fight cases of insurers such as FedNat, Citizens Insurance, and Florida Peninsula Insurance Company denying claims.

Louis Law Group, a firm of Miramar, FL property damage lawyers has announced the expansion of its property insurance claim denial legal services in Florida. Experienced South Florida property claims attorneys help homeowners receive the maximum insurance payout owed to them.

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Louis Law Group has expanded the availability of its insurance claim litigation services to property owners across Florida. The firm provides advisory and litigation services to homeowners facing property damage claim denials by FedNat, Security First Insurance, Avatar, Florida Peninsula, United Property & Casualty, and other insurance carriers.

Florida property insurance companies deny damage insurance claims for several reasons including incomplete claims paperwork, non-payment of premiums, technicalities, and procedural reasons. However, when damage claims are denied in bad faith, Florida property insurance claims attorneys at the Louis Law Group help homeowners receive the settlement they deserve.

The Greater Miami insurance claims law firm handles cases about claims for flood damage, storm damage, mold, income loss, wind damage, fire, theft, vandalism, and other provisions. The South Florida property insurance litigation attorney’s office offers legal support for new claims and litigates ongoing claims that have reached an impasse.

Louis Law Group leverages the extensive experience of its team of homeowners’ insurance claim attorneys to provide effective legal counsel to homeowners and represent their best interests to insurers and insurance adjusters.

The firm represents homeowners in cases of Citizens Property Insurance denying claims, Avatar insurance claim rejections, Universal Property and Casualty denying claims. Other cases that merit legal counsel include coverage disputes and assignment of benefit.

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According to a spokesperson for the Miramar-based insurance litigation law firm, “We recognize that insurance companies are not always fair in how they handle policyholders’ claims. Our experienced Florida insurance attorneys step in and help customers get expert analysis, sound legal counsel, and strong court representation even if their claim has already been denied.”

Louis Law Group is firm of top South Florida insurance lawyers and personal injury attorneys headed by Senior Managing Attorney Pierre A. Louis, Esq. and Managing Attorney Joseph S. Wald, Esq. The firm handles an annual caseload of more than 2,000 cases across 70 Florida cities in 15 major practice areas.

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