Minnetonka Crime Scene Cleaning & Biohazard Decontamination Services Upgraded

The trusted crime scene and biohazard contamination cleanup company 11th Hour, with free consultations at 1 (877) 866-8877, announced an upgrade of its services with new unmarked vans and employee attires tailored to ensure clients receive the most private and discreet assistance.

The local crime scene cleanup company 11th Hour, is already amongst one of the most trusted and referred crime scene cleanup companies in the United States. This week they announced an upgrade of its professional cleaning and decontamination services with the addition of new unmarked vehicles and employee attires which are ideal to provide clients the most discreet and confidential experience possible.

More information is available at http://11thhourclean.com.

11th Hour, Inc. is a privately owned crime scene and biohazard cleaning business based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. With over a decade of experience helping clients restore their property back to a safe and livable condition, 11th Hour offers professional crime scene, tragedy and biohazard cleaning services throughout the Midwest. Outside of their core services, they also offer a wide variety of affordable cleaning, decontamination and remediation services tailored towards “gross” or jobs that are difficult to stomach for most. Jobs consumers wouldn’t want neighbors knowing about, and certainly wouldn’t want to do yourself..

The company has recently announced an upgrade of its services with the addition of brand new and fully equipped Dodge Ram Promaster vans, which although may showcase their logos and unique services on the road – the company uses matching colored magnets to cover up everything before arriving at every job site. Employee uniforms also no longer contain large print designs displaying their specialty cleanup services, which makes sure clients get the most private and discreet assistance available. When cleaning up crime, trauma or biohazardous scenes containing blood, bodily fluid or infectious material… nobody wants the world to know. If a tragedy happens at an apartment, town home or commercial property, it could hurt their business to have vehicles outside with large print biohazard symbols and crime scene tape everywhere. Even if there is animal filth, fecal matter or even clutter or hoarding on property, there is no need to worry about town gossip or what the neighbors might think due to 11th Hour’ strict confidentiality.

Their sophisticated and scientifically tested cleaning, decontamination and remediation services are delivered by a team of seasoned, compassionate and highly trained professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although the vehicles appear unmarked, and could be any old standard cleaning or restoration company; there won’t be a mop and bucket, or store bought cleaning products on any of their fleets. Only state of the art equipment is used along with their proprietary four step bio-cleaning system, which disinfects and deodorizes the property beyond hospital grade standards, with nobody ever even really knowing they were there.

After speaking with one of the Owners of 11th Hour, he explained that “When the unthinkable happens, 11th hour is there for the ones affected to help alleviate stress, not add to it.” He went on to state that “making sure our customers privacy is respected, is far more important than free advertisement or cheap publicity.” That’s why unlike most other crime scene cleanup companies their vehicle advertising is only used while on the road, never used in the town or at a job site. With matching blue magnets that mimic the paint and are shaped to contour the vehicle, it simply looks like a commercial vehicle is on site working.

Free confidential consultations with 11th Hour and its professional, discreet and understanding team can be requested at 1 (877) 866-8877 or through the website link provided above along with details on its full range of specialty cleaning, decontamination and remediation services. Currently 11th Hour offers affordable priced crime scene, tragedy and biohazard cleaning services throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota with plans of opening new offices strategically placed throughout the Midwest.

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