Minnesota Small Business Directory/No-Cost Online Listing Services Launched

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Saint Paul, MN-based Gopher State Deals have launched updates to their Local Business Connection platform, providing customers and businesses with targeted strategies to improve ranking.

Gopher State Deals, an online directory for Minnesotan businesses, has launched updates to its local directory platform and marketing services. Gopher State Deals Local Business Connection provides business owners and entrepreneurs in Saint Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester, MN, and beyond with targeted listings to help promote their ventures among the local population.

More details can be found here http://gopherstatedeals.com

The company’s newly launched website allows easy navigation, making it simple for customers to search for, and discover new businesses, as well as locate offers from established favorites.

Businesses in the digital age can now reach global markets through online campaigns and social media platforms. While the scale of potential customers is larger than ever, making products and services visible amid the increased competition is a more complex challenge.

By targeting their localities, businesses can improve their ranking on search engines. A study by Web FX reports an 80% conversion rate for local searches, with almost half of the total number of Google searches made every day being for local businesses.

Gopher State Deals Local Business Connection is a specially curated directory that compiles business details across a wide range of products and services. Users can search for everything from household plumbing services and banking to automotive dealerships and food outlets.

Business owners can advertise through the website, with leaderboards, large rectangles, as well as full and half banner promotions available at varying sizes and resolutions. The company offers rotating banner ads that appear in webpage sidebars, footers, and news posts. Banners can also be created by the Gopher State Deals team.

For consumers, a simple and streamlined search function allows them to locate relevant businesses by name, location, and company type.

Gopher State Deals is a division of Perihelion Media, based in Saint Paul, MN. The company specializes in marketing tools, campaign strategies, and SEO ranking services for small to mid-sized local businesses.

A spokesperson says, “From powerful lead generation strategies to results-driven SEO campaigns, our team of experts is ready and qualified to get you in front of the customers you’ve been looking for.”

With the launch of the updated Local Business Connection platform, Gopher State Deals continue to put sustainable growth and consumer choice into the hands of people throughout the state of Minnesota.

For more information please visit http://gopherstatedeals.com

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