Minneapolis SAP Analytic Software Firm Announce BW App Next Generation Selection

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Mindset, an SAP software creation company dedicated to making SAP simple, mobile and beautiful, announced the inclusion of the Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app in the Next Generation SAP App Center, saving businesses time and money.

Mindset, a Cloud, mobile and computing analytics software creation company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced that their Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app has been selected by the Next Generation SAP App Center to be featured in their line-up of innovative business tools. Helping businesses access and analyze data faster, the Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app reduces costs and maximizes profits.

More information is available at https://mindsetconsulting.com.

Recently announced, the inclusion of the Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app in the Next Generation App Center increases the access to this innovative tool. The tool allows users to slice, dice and visualize their SAP BEx queries in a true SAP Fiori experience on any device. This ground-breaking app, certified for HCP, enables users to connect Fiori Cloud Edition to an on-premise SAP BW system, and to, then, gain instant access to any existing BEx queries with zero coding with or without HANA. Through the SAP app center, users can quickly setup a free trial version of the Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app to see it’s features and functions on their own devices.

The Mindset Analytics for SAP BW app uses an existing connection to link an in-house BW system to all available BEx queries. Users are then able to customize Fiori launchpad tiles, which represent customized reports based on BEx queries.

This out-of-the-box app also enables the creation of an admin BEx query browser that can slice and dice into any BEx query. Similar to using a Bex web, this feature means users don’t need Fiori design language charting capabilities.

Aiming to simplify SAP, Mindset consultants are UX and Fiori experts for mobile, cloud and computing use. They work directly with clients to develop breakthrough software for enterprise. SAP Fiori, Cloud and SAP HANA cut operating costs and increase revenue because they reduce the time that it takes to access and analyze data.

When asked about their partnership with the SAP App Center, Jonathan Bragg from Mindset said, “Our consultants and developers make SAP simple, mobile and beautiful. We are proud to be a SAP Lighthouse Partner, which gave us early entry into the Next Generation App Center.”

To find out more about Mindset and their SAP App Center partnership, visit the link above or the SAP App Center.

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