Minneapolis Packaging Company Recognizes Employees with 125 Years on the Job

Minneapolis packing company holds luncheon to salute long-time employees. These 7 workers have 125 years on the job.

Next year, Vinyl Art will celebrate its 40th anniversary. This year, the company held an event to salute its long-time employees. Combined, these seven Vinyl Art employees have provided 125 years of service to the company.

A special luncheon was held in their honor on August 22. Each employee was introduced and awarded with VISA gift cards. “We added it up and couldn’t believe it at first,” said Vinyl Art president Rob Roy. “This number represents so many things. Dedication. Loyalty. Job satisfaction. As a company, we’re proud to make such a claim. But all the credit goes to these talented individuals.”

Mr. Roy emceed the luncheon. He was also recognized for 30 years of service to the company.


— 10-Year Service Award: Oscar Gutierrez, plant employee

— 10-Year Service Award: Marciella Reyes, plant employee

— 10-Year Service Award: Rob Slattery, sales and management

— 15-Year Service Award: Fue Vang, plant employee

— 20-Year Service Award: Ben Strobel, management

— 30-Year Service Award: Tim Hitchings, management

— 30-Year Service Award: Rob Roy, management

When asked about working at Vinyl Art, plant employee Oscar Gutierrez said, “I focus on creating good products, so 15 years just flew by.” Vice President Tim Hitchings agrees. “Employee records keep track of those things, so I believe it’s been 30 years since I started here. You just don’t notice things like that when your attention is on the customer.”

The longevity of employees and the company itself often come as a surprise to new customers who discover this small Minneapolis outfit. “You probably would never hear about us unless you need what we make,” Hitchings explains.

Vinyl Art enjoys a national reputation, in spite of not being a household brand name. The company manufactures custom vinyl and polypropylene packaging solutions. Vinyl Art’s clients range from large retailers needing point-of-sale and merchandising material, to financial and healthcare organizations looking for ways to creatively present and protect presentation material.

A comprehensive upgrade to its manufacturing equipment and a major renovation of the facilities was recently completed. Vinyl Art’s president and 30-year employee explains that the work is in preparation for the company’s upcoming 40th year of operations. “We’re ready for the future,” says Roy. “We’ll be having an employee recognition luncheon yearly now. Mainly because our awesome staff deserves it, but also because it’s so much fun to add up those numbers and enjoy time with our team!”

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