Minneapolis MN Residential Roof Replacement Re-Roofing Inspection Quote

Advanced Exteriors has announced the availability of its roof replacement and re-roofing services. The Minneapolis-based company provides customers with a high-quality roof in an efficient manner.

Advanced Exteriors, a Minneapolis-based roofing company has announced the availability of its updated services. The company specializes in roof damage inspection, replacement, and other roof repairs.

Details can be found at https://www.advancedexteriorsmn.com/residential-roof-replacement-in-minneapolis-or-re-roofing-minneapolis-mn

The newly announced service is available to residential property owners who are planning on selling or are just seeking to restore the appearance of their roof. While a roof replacement can increase the sale of one’s house, re-roofing is considered a cost-effective way of bringing one’s roof back to its former glory.

Advanced Exteriors understands that the roof on one’s home is one of the main forms of protection from the natural elements as well as invaders. A secure roof not only protects an individual and his/her family but also their possessions. A roof is also considered part of a property’s curb appeal and the beauty of one’s home.

With this in mind, Advanced Exteriors aims to provide its customers with a high-quality roof in an efficient manner. The company’s team of professional craftsmen have been trained by the Haag Engineering School with years of experience in roof replacement.

The types of roofs installed by Advanced Exteriors include asphalt, cedar shake, metal roof, and flat or low-pitch roofing. The materials used by the roofing company for replacements come from popular brands like GAF, Owens Corning, Certain Teed, among others. Added to this, the roof replacement options that are offered by the company are available in a variety of colors so clients can choose whatever complements the architecture and aesthetics of their home.

When conducting a roof replacement, Advanced Exteriors’ contractors would first remove all the shingles from the roof to expose the deck. They’ll then conduct a professional inspection of the surface, in search of damage or leaks. The team then repairs and seals the damages, if any, before replacing the shingles. A layer of felt paper is then applied and this serves to protect the deck.

According to a spokesperson for the company, a properly installed roof replacement can last up to 20 years.

“Complete roof replacement addresses any damages to the structure, making it sturdier and reducing leaks. A new roof also adds value to the home and can save you money over time, as there’s less need for small repairs every year,” the spokesperson stated.

Based on their inspection of the property, the company’s team of experts determine whether the customer’s home requires a roof replacement or re-roofing.

Interested parties can click on the link above or call the company’s owner Chad Markus, at 763-537-5117 for a free roof inspection.

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