Minimalist Cuff Bracelet Wallet Card And Money Storage Product Launched

A new range of minimalist wearable wallets has been launched by SoFree Creations. They offer added functionality, security and style for customers wanting a stylish alternative to a traditional purse.

A new wrist wallet product range has been launched that offers a unique wearable storage solution disguised as a stylish cuff bracelet. This represents a light, convenient way to carry cards, coins and other items rather than having to use a purse or bulky wallet.

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The newly launched wallet can hold up to six credit cards alongside cash and some other smaller items. It’s a streamlined, minimalist alternative to a traditional wallet that can be bought in a range of styles.

SoFree Creations explains that they designed the wallets with the core aim of providing a stylish and secure money-carrying option. Because it looks like a bracelet, it passes with added secrecy and other people don’t know that the wearer is carrying a purse.

In addition to this, the newly launched product range provides customers with the flexibility of having their valuables with them at all times. This provides them with added freedom to move, increased security, and more convenience.

SoFree Creations is a mother and daughter venture with the goal of providing customers with added convenience and safety. Their bracelets are designed to provide multi-use functionality, and can be used on the ankle as well as the wrist.

The company states: “Our product offers one simple options to feel free from too much we carry and don’t need. But the journey to freedom is beyond safety and comfort. It is about letting go and finding your truest self!”

Wrist wallets are available in a variety of styles, including Boho, Nightlife, Bad Ass, Unisex, LGBTQ Flags, Sports, Solid Colors and Children. Customers can browse by their category of choice, or simply filter through all the available wrist wallets to find the right option to suit their needs.

Each of the wallets is a comfortable cuff that contains a secret inner pocket where the customer can safely store their valuables. They are designed to be lightweight, and are made from vegan materials.

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