Mindset Reprogramming Subconscious Change workshop, heal yourself Houston, Texas

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Pixies Intent, organizer of the workshop, MindRewire - Tools for Subconscious Change, announced that Mindset Reprogramming, Subconscious Change event will be held in Houston, Texas, at Pixies Intent on January 12 and 13th 2019. tickets- $150 for both days.

People with issues that doctors and therapists can’t solve who are looking for the latest information on changing subconscious thoughts and healing emotional wounds can register to attend MindRewire’s – Tools for Subconscious Change workshop scheduled for January 12 through the 13th 2019 at Pixies Intent located in Houston, Texas.

Mind Rewire is sponsoring this year’s event, which will cover key issues such as:

How to use a Whole Brain State for Releasing past issues, negative thoughts, and beliefs that cause emotional distress and cause pain, illness and suffering – Learn how releasing the past will change your life.

Understand Brain/ Heart Coherence and why it can help to Create a whole Life. – How to get yourself into alignment- body and mind.

Learn how to stop (subconscious) stress and heal emotional wounds – Learn why subconscious stress and emotional wounds cause illness and problem in life, and how to stop it fast.

Full details on the event can be found on the company website at https://Mindrewire.com.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Mind Rewire, Christy Mattoon said:

“Now more than ever people are searching for alternative ways to heal themselves,” and at this event you will learn how to heal by using the power of your own system to get into a whole brain state, create higher brain states that allow for healing. You will learn how to take a specific topic, issue or problem and change the nature of it almost instantly. And you will get to practice the techniques while learning how to use them.

Like PSYCH-K and so many other protocols using a whole brain state idea Mind Rewire extends the idea and adds in the secrets that the high end gurus don’t want to let go of that would aid your healing journey. Mind Rewire is producing fast results for people all around the globe.

Mind Rewire’s Christy Mattoon is a 2 time Best selling author on Amazon with Books- Change how to rewire your mind and How to combat Autoimmune Disease and win. She has spoken at Harvard Business School and at Nasdaq – and speaks and teaches people how to heal, let go of the past and produce thoughts and feelings that will aid your journey and benefit your life. Mattoon has worked with people privately all over the globe to stop issues quickly and release them from their struggles. Mattoon believes that when more people personally get into alignment the world will start healing.

Sign up for the Houston workshop now. Seating is limited.

The Mind Rewire website has full details about this year’s event. Ticket price $150 for both days- and all instruction.

Interested parties can visit the website at: https://Mindrewire.com. Or go to Pixies Intent for more Information and to purchase you ticket. Pixies Intent address: 2727 Fondren Rd #5b, Houston, TX 77063 or Phone: (832) 831-8405

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