MindRewire’s new case study on 3 min practices and Heart Coherence online course

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Mind Rewire's New Case Study On 3 minute practices aligned with their Heart Coherence online course shows that a smart practice done often brings great results.

Mind Rewire revealed their new case study today on the fact that when a good practice, when used consistently helps people greatly. This case study demonstrates that understanding that no practice will do good if its not being used consistently. MindRewire owner Christy Mattoon Say, ” this is true of any practice.”

The case study also made it obvious that an open heart in a coherent state creates an energy that causes change inside as well as outside of a person.

Mind Rewire owner Christy Mattoon says there are many people looking for insights and answers about heart coherence information, especially because of all of the evidence that show’s when a practice is doable, for a person and done consistently, it will help them grow and change greatly. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

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MindRewire’ owner Maintains that most people fail at anything because the do not create a practice around whatever the thing is they are trying to achieve. She Says, “To achieve the highest level goals take practice, priority, and maintenance.”

“Consistently doing something multiple times a day for a short period of time, will yield better results all day long than only doing something once in a while.”

Christy Mattoon of MindRewire is quoted as saying, “The art of creating a practice is not rocket science, the 3 minute every hour daily practice that I teach will train the systems of the body to work and respond to the persons attention. We are training the system, the human electromagnetic body to turn back on and stay on.”

The case study also made it obvious that’s not the goal of MindRewire to teach people to sit down and do a practice once in a while and hope to achieve an effect.

The case study is available at https://youtu.be/-Qhyb2Cu7Eg

This link has been provided to see the latest information on the new MindRewire live online course:


About Mind Rewire

Mind Rewire was founded in 2017 and serves the Self Help, Subconscious reprogramming industry. It is known to help people create heart coherence and learn how to stay in higher states of being.

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