Mindfulness Improved Intuition/Consciousness – Stress Relief Method Guide Launch

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Houston-based author and instructor Clif Taylor has launched new materials teaching a 3-step technique for heightening intuition, consciousness, mindfulness, and mental clarity.

Taylor’s newly publicized mindfulness method – Clear, Calm, and Open – is a multi-beneficial healing technique that can reduce stress, enhance intuition, and promote spiritual consciousness.

For more details, please visit https://www.clearcalmandopen.com

The author recently announced his healing technique that aims to help as many people as possible achieve their highest level of mental clarity. This will enable them to likewise increase their physical, intellectual, and spiritual senses – on-demand.

The technique’s three parts each have a meaning and purpose. “Clear” refers to a mind free of all thoughts and distractions. “Calm” refers to the body in a smooth, measured state, whether active or at rest. “Open” refers to a soul that is centered, flexible, and capable of peaceably handling all situations.

As practitioners progress through the levels, their daily quality of life will become increasingly richer. Stress and adversity will no longer drain their energy. They will become more self-aware and better able to channel negative thoughts, feelings, and actions into more positive and productive ones. Dedicated practitioners will even begin to gain a sense of the divine in all experiences.

For those who would like to learn more, Taylor has created a complimentary, research-based online questionnaire which will assess their natural ability to reach each of the three levels. Participants will have access to a customized report showing them how their personality and behavior can help them reach each level.

To ensure maximum access, Taylor has published a digital book, titled “Clear, Calm, and Open,” and created a “Pathway Package.” The package includes a PDF summarizing the technique and access to Taylor’s calendar, where participants can schedule a one-on-one mini-session tailored to their unique strengths and weaknesses in applying the technique.

Clif Taylor is the publisher of Connected Spirit Publications and the author of several books centered around holistic wellness. He discovered the Clear, Calm, and Open technique by reflecting on how he overcame many severe life challenges, from his childhood in Oklahoma to his career as a global contractor in China, Angola, and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

To learn more, please visit http://www.clearcalmandopen.com

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