Mindfulness App For Improved Performance/Neuroscience-Backed Sessions Updated

As the pace of life in the modern age grows ever faster, making it harder for busy professionals to find time for self-care, a Queensland, Australia-based company has developed technology that condenses meditation and performance psychology into just 3 minutes per day.

Positive Prime has launched updates to its innovative app for improving mindset and productivity. The platform features empowering audio-visual content from thought leaders and high-achievers, specifically chosen to promote a calm and positive mindset.

More details can be found at http://TheAlchemyOfCreation.com

The new short sessions are designed to reprogram both the conscious and subconscious mind, increasing users’ sense of well-being, as well as encouraging positive thought and proactivity in both personal and professional contexts.

Research into meditation and mindfulness suggests that these practices lessen the body’s inflammatory response to stressful events. Increased connections between the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex make dealing with challenging situations easier while also promoting empathy and compassion for others.

The Positive Prime platform can be accessed on any device for flexibility and convenience whether at home, in the office, or on the move. Subscribers benefit from a large collection of optimized content that can be tailored to their individual needs at any given time. Using the app for less than 5 minutes per day has been shown to promote a relaxed state of mind and improve focus for up to 8 hours.

Once logged in, users can access their dashboard, containing a list of easily navigable categories. Each category is pre-filled with relevant meditative material from expert thinkers and professionals in the fields of business and psychology.

All content is specifically chosen based on neuroscientific research and cognitive behavioral theory, offering an alternative to traditional stress-relief and mindfulness techniques. Topics covered include positive mental attitude, laws of attraction, and affirmation.

Positive Prime is offering new subscribers a complimentary 10-day trial to experience the app for themselves before signing up for ongoing access. The company’s ‘Mindset Magic Gift’ is available through their website.

About Positive Prime

The company is led by founder and CEO Kim Serafini – a renowned executive coach, author, keynote speaker, and inventor of Lithos Therapy. Positive Prime is the synthesis of her time spent interviewing acclaimed scientists, business leaders, and self-help professionals, collating this therapeutic content into an accessible bite-sized form for subscribers.

A spokesperson says, “Our vision is to create accelerated change positively, to transform life, work, and relationships with greater ease, power, and speed.”

Positive Prime’s innovative platform and the introduction of its Mindset Magic 10 day trial are making self-care, positivity, and productivity accessible for everyone.

For more information, please visit http://TheAlchemyOfCreation.com

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