Mindful Leadership/Employee Burnout – Work-Life Balance Speaker Services Launch

Many have struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working from home over the last year. Popular motivational speaker, Pandit Dasa, has released a series of solutions for company leaders concerned about employee burnout.

Work Mindful Corp’s expanded keynote series includes mindfulness coaching to develop emotionally intelligent corporate leaders and positive workplace culture. The series will improve engagement among employees, leading to greater retention and productivity.

For more information, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFdbx_kCEPs

This latest update will enable clients to reinvigorate their staff by creating a culture of mindfulness within their organization, wherein employees are valued for their contributions and colleagues feel supported to succeed.

Work Mindful Corp’s keynote addresses are given by company founder and mindfulness expert, Pandit Dasa. The motivational speaker formerly lived as a monk in New York City, where he learned the principles of mindfulness, resilience, and self-awareness. Since leaving the monastery, Dasa has written a book and developed motivational presentations for applying the principles he learned as a monk to the results-driven, 9-5 world.

To learn more about Dasa’s career and mindfulness journey, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Urban-Monk-Exploring-Consciousness-Divine/dp/0615844235

Pandit Dasa’s keynotes will teach organizational leaders how to foster trust, enhance teamwork, and improve employee performance through mindful leadership. Audience members will also learn various techniques to become more empathetic colleagues.

The motivational talks will build self-awareness among corporate audiences by helping them to understand how their thoughts and emotions can impact their reactions and behavior in the workplace. This will help participants appreciate their colleagues more, building a positive workplace environment.

Dasa will also discuss tools for regulating one’s emotions and remaining calm in stressful situations, including various breathing techniques. Through mindful breathing, participants can reduce stress, improve their productivity, and boost their emotional intelligence.

Work Mindful Corp’s motivational speeches last around 60-90 minutes, making them ideal for company retreats and corporate conferences. The engaging presentations include writing exercises about communicating with compassion and building trust with co-workers.

With this latest announcement, Work Mindful Corp reaffirms their commitment to providing corporate clients with mindfulness techniques to foster a culture of empathy and collaboration in the workplace. Pandit Dasa has also gained a strong reputation for his engaging motivational speeches.

One satisfied client said: “Pandit is someone who lives what he teaches, and that really comes through in his genuine style and approach. I would highly recommend him as a speaker and advisor to other non-profits and companies.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting: https://www.panditdasa.com

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