Mindful Diamond Co. Launch New Website

Boutique bespoke jeweller Mindful Diamond Co, who specialise in engagement and wedding rings, have just announced the launch of their new website.

Eizabeth Van Rooyen, co-founder of Mindful Diamond Co. said, “We have endeavored for the new website to showcase the full range of services we provide, at the same time as being informative on all diamond and ring related matters.” She went on to say, “The website is also a reflection of our keeping pace with the fast-changing face of technology, just as we keep abreast of the ever-evolving jewelry industry.”

The use of diamonds as gemstones used for adornment dates back into antiquity, but is as popular today as it was then. The dispersion of white light into spectral colours is the primary gemological characteristic of gem diamonds. Mindful Diamond Co ensure that all diamonds and precious metals they use in their ring designs are only environmentally and socially responsibly sourced.

In the 20th century, experts in gemology developed methods of grading diamonds and other gemstones based on the characteristics most important to their value as a gem. Four characteristics, known informally as the four Cs, are now commonly used internationally as the basic descriptors of diamonds: these are carat (its weight), cut (quality of the cut is graded per proportions, symmetry and polish), colour (how close to white or colorless; for fancy diamonds, how intense is its hue), and clarity (how free is it from inclusions. Mindful Diamond Co have added a fifth C in their work with diamonds, that of 10% of all profits being given to the clients Charity of choice.

Learn more about the company and its diamond engagement and wedding rings by visiting the new website here: http://mindfuldiamondco.com/

About Mindful Diamond Co.

Mindful Diamond Co. is a bespoke jeweler specialising in ethical engagement and wedding rings.

Their stunning diamonds and precious metals are completely socially & environmentally responsibly sourced and where possible, fully traceable. Their story arose from wanting to give back to the community, so 10% of all profits go to a charity of the client’s choice so clients can directly have a positive impact when working with them on a cause that matters to them.

Mindful Diamond Co are truly client focused to make the experience of creating the piece of hand-crafted jewelry not only unique in every way but one to remember. All diamonds are beyond conflict free in every aspect. They are ethically sourced from the Argyle mines in Western Australia and the Diavik mines in Canada and are where possible, are traceable at every step so clients always know where their diamond has been, from within the ground until they take it home.

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