Minas Espresso Launches Honey Bee Sustainable Coffee on 4/22/2021

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Minas Espresso, Inc. announced the availability of their new 12oz bag of coffee "Honey Bee" beginning 4/22/2021. More information can be found at https://minasespresso.com/coffee/.

Customers looking for the latest 12oz bag of coffee will soon be able to purchase Honey Bee by Minas Espresso, Inc.. Today Tessa Ackerland, Marketing Coordinator at Minas Espresso, Inc. releases details of Honey Bee’s development.

Honey Bee is designed to appeal specifically to Specialty Coffee Drinkers and includes:

Bee Friendly Farming Certification – This feature was included because It is a hugely demanded movement in today’s market that products are sustainable and eco-friendly. This is great news for the consumer as It will give them the feeling they are supporting our pollinators through their purchase.

Specialty Grade Coffee – This was made part of the product, since In order to bring the highest quality product to the consumer. Customers who buy Honey Bee should enjoy this feature because It delivers an amazing taste when consumed.

Compostable Packaging – Minas Espresso, Inc. made sure to make this part of the 12oz bag of coffee’s development as It is a hugely demanded movement in today’s market that products are not harmful to the earth. Customers will likely appreciate this because It gives the notion they are not contributing to harmful actions against the earth.

Tessa Ackerland, when asked about Honey Bee said:

“The new Honey Bee Roast is roasted with beans from our Bee Friendly Certified farm in Brazil! Every purchase helps save the bees, 10% of all proceeds from this product will go back to The Pollinator Partnership to aid in the mission of promoting pollinator health globally. This specialty coffee is not only spectacular in flavor, but is beneficial for the environment and our ecosystems as well! “

This is Minas Espresso, Inc.’s fourth release of a new product and Tessa Ackerland is particularly excited about this release because The Minas Team has been working on this all year, it is finally time to introduce it to the customers! .

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://minasespresso.com

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://minasespresso.com/coffee/

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