Milton Keynes Self Help & Wellness Site Releases Finding Inner Peace Video

Based in Milton Keynes, England, Great Self Help Videos, a resource library of videos that provide methods and techniques so others can resolve everyday problems related to the mind, body and spirit, has released a 'How to Find Inner Peace' video.

Great Self Help Videos, an advocate of taking responsibility for sorting out psychological, emotional and life issues based in Milton Keynes, England, has released a ‘How to Find Inner Peace’ video report. This report defines how to balance lifestyle and find a harmonious connection so that life’s challenges stop feeling overwhelming and instead motivate achievement.

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Released in late May, the new 27-minute long self-help video, hosted by Marilyn Alauria, life coach and mentor, focuses on how to move beyond feeling overwhelmed and affected by others. Over the course of the video, Alauria shows viewers how to restore balance in under 2-minutes.

Sharing her own experience of feeling unbalanced, Alauria talks about doing a massive launch and then going into a 12-month Yoga certification course, and how after the course she felt depleted. She defines feeling out of balance as wonky and needing to find her true sense and needing to get away from toxicity. People, places and too many experiences at once can make anyone feel out of balance.

Alauria goes on to say in the video that a unique and balancing technique is as simple as taking a birthday candle and lighting it, and then saying a mantra or singing a happy song and then blowing the candle out. Another technique is to remove yourself from any negativity and to connect with something positive. This method can be as simple as staring out of the window and looking at a flower, the sky or a tree, and to focusing on goals to repel the negativity.

Seeking to help others find themselves and improve their life and the way they live, Great Self Help Videos is an excellent resource. Aiming to help others to live more fulfilling conflict-free lives, Great Self Help Videos assists in overcoming anxiety and conquering self-achievement.

When asked about the mission of their website, a spokesperson said, “Merriam-Webster defines self-help as the action or process of doing things to improve yourself or to solve problems with the help of others. That is precisely what this site aims to do by providing information on various methods and techniques to help yourself solve everyday problems, related to mind, body and spirit.”

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