Milton GA Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Cleaning For Reopening Businesses Launched

Total Green Services has launched a new cleaning and disinfection service to help businesses reopen. The team uses an eco-friendly disinfectant capable of destroying the virus on work surfaces within one minute of application.

Total Green Services, the Atlanta, Georgia based commercial cleaning company, has launched new cleaning and disinfectant services for businesses reopening during the pandemic. The company uses CDC-approved cleaning and disinfectant products that kill the virus and other harmful pathogens within one minute of application.

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Using a highly effective antiviral treatment not available to most cleaning companies, the new service provides a safe and reassuring environment for staff and customers.

Total Green Services was founded in 1996 on the foundation of utilizing only eco-friendly, green chemicals to provide one-time and on-going janitorial services and deliver the most effective cleaning to decontaminate the workplace.

As a cleaning company that has been disinfecting workplaces for over 24 years, you can rely on Total Green Services to deliver a reliable and trustworthy clean that is proven to be safe on surfaces and better for your health. The commercial cleaning service guarantees a productive work environment for your staff and employees while also providing a peace-of-mind in knowing your surfaces are virus-free. Following CDC-approved cleaning protocols, Total Green Services deep cleans all work surfaces and objects with proven, effective, eco-friendly solutions.

Their new service utilizes a highly effective disinfectant solution that few other commercial cleaning companies have access to. Total Green Services solution covers and attaches to the virus, bacteria, mold, germ, or pathogen body, rupturing the cell membrane and allowing the chemical to enter and destroy the integrity of the cell while stopping the replication and spread process. With a wrap-around effect, the solution covers all surfaces, shadowed, vertical, and underneath to guarantee the complete elimination of harmful toxins in one minute.

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Total Green Services can be relied on to ensure commercial and public buildings are safe for workers and customers. As infection specialists, their sole focus is infection prevention and they disinfect 100% of the time on every project to guarantee the safety of staff and customers.

Their EPA and FDA Certified Sanitizer protects against key pathogens such as TB, MRSA, Norovirus, HBV, HCV, and HIV with a one-minute kill claim, SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 with a 3-minute kill claim, Tuberculocidal with a 5-minute kill claim, and Fungicidal with a 10-minute kill claim. There is no other product in the world that eliminates harmful pathogens in a quicker amount of time.

As part of their service to ensure businesses can reopen and continue to operate securely, Total Green Services can also provide thermal screening devices. As the first US-based building services contractor with rights to thermal screening devices, their temperature screening service is also available to clients during the pandemic.

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