Millstream Construction Is Changing Lives on Both Sides of the Border

Millstream Construction is thrilled to announce the upcoming participation in one of the most significant and impactful projects serving those on both sides of the border - Baja Bound Mexico.

Glastonbury, CT – Recently, Millstream Construction announced the upcoming participation in one of the most impactful projects on both sides of the border, Baja Bound. Changing lives on both sides of the border, this life-transforming service experience identifies families ready for housing and connects them with groups from the United States.

The overall objective of the Baja Bound Project is to make a significant impact on people around the world. Pairing a team with a family in need, workers will journey across the border to build and provide shelter for an area characterized by breath-taking beauty and desperate poverty. The Millstream team will head to Mexico in January of 2023.

With an objective to raise $20,000 over the course of 2022, Millstream will offer customers a charity driven promotion of $750 and donate $250 of each roofing project to the Baja Bound Project. Essentially, the promotion provides $1,000 off a roofing service with $250 going towards fundraising efforts. All monies raised benefit the materials, assistance, and accommodations for the project.

In the past, Millstream Construction proudly worked with several local charities to give back to the community. Built on a foundation and philosophy that separates the company from the competition, the Millstream family works with a meaningful purpose on every job performed.

“Baja Bound has dedicated more than a decade to building safe, warm, dry homes for the working poor in the rural areas surrounding Ensenada, Mexico. By providing proper shelter, families are given hope and dignity is restored. We are honored to impact so many lives on both sides of the border, and grateful to the supporters.”

Millstream Construction: proudly services Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts with the highest quality roofing services in the region. Founded in 2009, the Millstream family prides itself in placing both residential and commercial customers’ experience above all else. From emergency storm service to new roof installation, customers can count on a level of service not typically found in the construction and roofing industries. For more information on the Baja Bound project, or to donate, please visit

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