Mile High Home Care Offering Premiere IHSS Relative Homecare in Denver, CO

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Relative care in Denver is now easier to find thanks to Mile High Homecare, the best home care company in Denver, who offers services to the Denver area for relative home care

Denver, Colorado- IHSS Home Care, or “In Home Support Services” is offered by Denver’s local small business, Mile High Home Care. The IHSS Home Care in Denver program includes relative home care. The relative home care in Denver service is geared towards individuals with severe disabilities who are on the Elderly Blind and/or Disabled (EBD) or Children’s Home and Community Based Services (C-HCBS) waivers. Parents of children in need can be hired to care for their child full time, which the company believes is truly a blessing for families needing this type of care. The C-HCBS waiver program, helps to relieve financial strain and can really add peace of mind for when it comes for providing the best care possible for their children.

The need for IHSS home care agencies in Denver Colorado is on the rise and Mile High Home Care believes their agency is at the forefront of the home care industry in Denver, CO- and they are truly the best option in Denver for non-medical home care.

The established IHSS home care agency in Denver provide home care which allows a person with special needs to actually stay in the comfort of their home. The Agency was Created by Emily Neuhold in 2017, Neuhold, is a long time registered nurse with years of experience in home care, the company prides themselves on their dedication to each and every patient, and she believes Mile High Home Care is simply the best option for Relative care in Denver. Attendants called, “Health Maintenance Attendants” or HMA’s provide this necessary service and do not have to be licensed as “Certified Nurse Assistants” or CNA’s, but do receive initial and continuing training from a Registered Nurse in the client’s home.

The company says they set themselves apart from other relative care services in Denver because they meticulously perform state background checks on all of their employees and staff, as well as cross check them with DORA, most importantly, all of Mile High Home Care’s employees are drug tested. The entire team at Mile High Home Care share the same core values and pride themselves on providing compassionate care, as well as giving back to the Denver community as much as possible.

The Relative Care Services at Mile High Home Care Include:

1. Help with health related needs such as catheter management, medication administration and equipment transfers, range of motion exercises, etc.

2. Help with homemaker services such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry

3. Help with personal care activities such as eating, bathing, and dressing

How the program works:

The client actually gets to pick the IHSS Agency attendant who will carefully help with these tasks, and all attendants providing IHSS must be employed by an IHSS agency. Your IHSS agency has a health professional available to help with any medical concerns you have and the agencies provide 24-hour, 7-day a week back-up service in case your attendant can’t make it to your home. IHSS Agency attendant who will provide provide the IHSS can be chosen by the client, the chosen IHSS Agency attended can be a friend or family member, however there are some exclusions; Family members can only be paid for up to 40 hours per week of personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, or eating.

The company is proud to be the best option for relative care in Denver Colorado and encourages anyone in the area to contact them and visit their website for more info:


7475 Dakin Street Suite 300

Denver, Colorado 80221

Release ID: 458809