Mildew Smell & Musty Smell Removal No Longer a Challenge For Allergy Sufferers

Mildew smells are no longer a challange with the new technology introduced by EnviroKelnz.EnviroKlenz has updated its EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator to provide safe removal of mildew smells to the public. Further information can be found at

Those who suffer from mold or mildew allergies and are looking to remove mildew smells and odors can now take advantage of the new offering from EnviroKlenz. EnviroKlenz has implemented a new element to its EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator Source Odor Treatment for removal of mildew smells, to benefit both new and existing customer. The product was designed to safely and effectively remove mildew smells from carpets, bedding , furniture, and solid surfaces.

Specifically, this update will deliver a technology made from earth friendly minerals to customers. EnviroKlenz has been able to do this by putting the results of recent customer surveys and request into action and providing a product that is easy to use, safe for the environment, and promises the results with a money-back guarantee

To take full advantage of this new eco-friendly product, customers can visit the website at for full details.

EnviroKlenz is excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new customers as it’s specifically designed to meet the needs of allergy sufferers and those with multiple chemical sensitivites.

On this subject, Kyle Knappenberger, Director of Technology at EnviroKlenz said: “Mildew smells and odors can lead to some serious health implications and most products are not designed to remove the odors at the source but rather mask them with perfume and fragrances. The EnviroKlenz everyday odor eliminator attacks the odors and neutralizes it at the source without the use of fragrances or toxic chemicals”

EnviroKlenz has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because the customer makes their business viable and organizational mantra is to make sure that each and every customer voice is heard and that they are completely satisfied.

Having been in business now for 2 years, EnviroKlenz strives to become a name synonymous with quality and being able to help the most sensitive customer improve their personal indoor environment. in the odor elimination market. This dedication has made them known among customers as a constantly improving business which is consistent in its delivery of safe and effective odor eliminating products.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the technology are encouraged to visit the website at for full details and to get started.

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