Midwestern Real Estate Rust-Belt Boutique Property Development Fund Launched

A new Midwest real estate fund has been launched by Watermark Partners Real Estate. Focusing on Rust-Belt properties, the fund helps to develop both properties and communities and give money back to investors.

Watermark Partners Real Estate, which raises and actively manages funds for acquiring, improving and managing real estate assets in the Midwest, has launched a new fund following the completion of its second fund. The company focuses on acquiring low to moderate income multi-family housing directly from small individual sellers.

More information can be found at: http://watermarkpre.com.

Following the acquisition of properties in this manner, the team can go through a value adding process of strategic investment in the property, after which it is run at max rent-roll for a few years and then refinanced or sold in aggregated pools to institutional buyers, which can maximise the return of capital to investors.,

The previous fund, which opened in October 2016, has now taken commitment for the last purchase of shares and gone into contact on the last property of the portfolio. It ended with 492 residential units, totaling over $15mm of assets.

The third fund, which opened this month, has now gone into contract on the first portfolio acquisitions in Toledo OH, Lansing MI, and Charlotte MI. The management team are currently reviewing properties in Kalamazoo, MI and Ypsilanti, MI, to further broaden the diversity of the fund.

The Midwestern real estate experts go through a thorough analysis process with each property from a variety of perspectives to determine if it meets the strict investment strategy requirements of the company before they decide on a deal.

This includes checking for improvement and renovation opportunities, as well as ensuring the property fits the need for the company to be able to enhance communities through their work.

Working with Rust-Belt real estate properties, the fund pays a minimal annual return of 8.0% p.a to investors on a quarterly basis. Additionally, on an annual basis, the funds distribute any available excess return to investors as well.

The funds own a growing portfolio of both residential and commercial properties in the Midwest, with a primary focus currently on southeast Michigan and northern Ohio. Full details are available on the URL above.

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