Middleton WI Managed IT Services Digital Security For Small Businesses Launched

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A managed IT service provided based in Middleton, WI has launched a range of services aimed at small businesses. The team provide tailored solutions based on each client’s needs and budget.

A provider of managed IT services based in Middleton, WI has launched a new range of services aimed at small business owners. The team at the IT Strategies Group explain the new services are designed to reduce the IT costs for small to medium-sized organizations while improving the digital security, performance, and recoverability.

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The newly launched range of services are tailored to the needs of each client to ensure they are both affordable and effective. The team at IT Strategies Group say they have experience of working and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, which means they are well placed to provide business owners with managed IT strategies to secure their digital activities.

IT Strategies Group sets itself apart from its competition by working to understand what its customers want and need for their business. They assess the current IT capabilities, document any operational challenges, and review the level of recovery available based on the requirements of the customer.

Following a comprehensive review, the team map a path that aligns with the company’s needs and budget. Features of the managed IT service include a remote management and monitoring tool (RMM), a professional services automation platform, and 24/7 access to a service center that offers maximum protection.

Other services available from IT Strategies Group include backup services, architecture services, IT procurement services, vendor mediation, and disaster recovery. The latter is a useful service whether businesses find their systems are down due to natural disasters, acts of war, civil unrest, or a cyberattack.

The team pride themselves on being able to respond quickly to disaster recovery calls. Each year they deal with between 30 to 40 ranging in size from small desktop recoveries for non-profits, to large corporate recoveries involving thousands of endpoints and hundreds of servers.

A representative said: “At IT Strategies Group our mission is simple, we aim to be the team that truly listens to your needs and challenges. We actively work to earn your business every day by consistently delivering the solutions that best satisfy your needs and at a price point that you are comfortable with.”

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