Microsoft’s Yammer & Workflow Management Software Process Street Now Integrated

Collaborative workflow software Process Street is now integrated with Microsoft’s Yammer, a private business social network. The workflow management tool now enables businesses to monitor and search conversations, attachments, and name mentions between and within departments.

Process Street, an AngelPad alumnus and a San Francisco-based startup, announced that their collaborative workflow software is now integrated with Microsoft’s Yammer, a private social network for businesses. The integration was made in order to encourage collaboration and the propagation of ideas within businesses.

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The workflow and process management software enables businesses to set up teams and organizations, assign processes to members, and track and maintain progress through the use of workflows. Process Street workflows are used in managing processes, including recurring tasks like client onboarding, content publishing, and other standardized procedures.

The integration between Process Street and Yammer makes the communication between multiple offices and remote teams more efficient. This is possible because of Yammer, which was dubbed the “Facebook for enterprises.” It works the same as Facebook, which makes it easy for new users to learn its functions.

Yammer is used by the top 500,000 companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies as a means to boost teamwork within and between their departments.

Vinay Patankar, Process Street CEO and founder, says “I am excited for the opportunities this integration will present to our new and existing users. This will not only make their workflow easier, it will also encourage exchange of ideas between team members, and at the same time increase transparency and accountability.”

This integration enables organizations using Process Street to easily search through indexed conversations and attachments, as well as monitor updates through the newsfeed. It also notifies people mentioned in conversations, which is especially a helpful feature for companies with big teams and several projects.

The workflow management tool’s checklists, workflows, mentions, and attachments are treated as objects in Yammer, which appear on newsfeeds each time an update is made, thus promoting discussion among users and keeping everyone in the loop.

Process Street also allows integration with 400 other applications used for automation. Teams with existing Yammer communities can link their accounts to Process Street for a streamlined communication.

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