Microfiber Flat Mop Brand Launches Discount to Aid Cleaning Supply Shortages

Temples Pride has announced a promotion starting today for their Dredge microfiber mop in response to the growing shortages of essential cleaning supplies.

Trenton, United States – November 27, 2020

If you have been in Texas recently and visited a shop you might have seen a very similar situation as what happened just earlier this year at the start of the virus outbreak, cleaning supply shortages. In response to these shortages of important cleaning supplies, Temples Pride has announced a promotion starting today for their Dredge microfiber mop available on Amazon.

With the recent rise in U.S coronavirus cases, people have resorted to stockpiling yet again. When it comes to cleaning supplies, what’s available is extremely limited. What might be making the situation worse is thanksgiving and uncertainty with the election.

Here is what Brian Da Silva, the marketing manager at Temples Pride had to say “We understand how challenging these times are that we are in right now and we also know how important keeping things clean is, especially during these times.”

Brian continued “Having shortages of vital cleaning supplies makes things even worse which is why we have created a special 10% off promotion for our microfiber mop which is an essential cleaning tool. To receive the discount on Amazon, customers simply need to add the product to their cart and then enter SUPPLYNP to receive the discount on the next page in the promotions and coupons tab.”

Temples Pride has been selling their Dredge microfiber mop kit on Amazon since 2016. Their flat microfiber mop kit has risen to be one of the best selling mop kits in its class.

According a study done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Some of the benefits of using a microfiber mop include,

“No heavy bucket is needed. Eliminates cross contamination because the microfiber pads remove dirt compared to cotton that just moves dirt around. The pads are machine washable and can be used for years to come which saves money and also the environment.”

The study goes on to say that “The microfiber mop system also uses 95% less water and chemicals than the traditional mop and bucket system.”

More information about Temples Pride and their microfiber mop is available on their website below.


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