Microfiber Cloths Polish Dust Eco Friendly Cleaning Website Launched

Dunin’Dusted, a new online shop selling microfiber clothes has been launched. The website explains why microfiber cloths are the best cleaning method and has tips on how to clean with them.

A new online store, Dunin’Dusted, specializing in microfiber cleaning cloths has launched. The website has a shop section to purchase the cloths and explains why microfiber cloths are a superior piece of equipment to clean with.

For more information please visit: http://www.dunindustid.com.

The microfiber cleaning cloths come in a variety of bright colors and come in a pack of four so the customer can assign a different color to different cleaning tasks around the home. The site explains that these cloths are 14.2” X 14.2” in size and are a 300gsm cloth with over lock stitching that increases lifespan by preventing unraveling.

The cloths are made up of woven microfibers that have been electrically charged and split to create a multitude of surfaces that attracts dust, dirt and water like a magnet. It also keeps the dust, dirt and water trapped in the cloth so the dust is not redistributed and the surface is left clean, dry and polished.

The site has a comprehensive section on cleaning and caring for microfiber cloths. It is explained that as the microfiber attracts dust and lint, it is best not to wash the cloths with items such as cottons or wools but to wash them separately on a cold or cool wash. Softener should be avoided as it removes the positive charge from the fibers making the cloth less effective. Leaving the cloths to air dry is the best way of drying them and tumble drying should be avoided.

Cleaning tips are available on the website and tell the customer the best way to clean surfaces effectively. For dusting it is suggested that the cloth is slightly dampened before wiping surfaces and suggests for extra shine, following with a dry cloth. For heavier soiling a cloth dampened with warm water should be used to remove most of the dirt and then should be followed with another dampened cloth to scrum at more stubborn stains.

Most of the time cleaning chemical and detergents are not needed due to the cleaning nature of the cloth making the product environmentally friendly. It is also environmentally friendly due to how long the cloth lasts in comparison to regular cloths or disposable wipes.

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